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Оnline casino payment methods explained – making a safe and fast deposit

When it comes to the online casino payment methods, once you have selected a suitable online casino for you, your next step whenever you play for real money is to get funds in your account. On the following page, we will discuss all the various options that you have for making an online deposit. We will also share some great tips and suggestions for making sure that your online experience is secure and safe.

In the next sections, we will delve into the differences between a debit and a credit card and how your online casino payment method of funding your account can affect your budget. In addition, we will take a look at the matter of internet security and offer you a few suggestions on how you can keep your individual details far from prying eyes.

Casino online payment methods

Safe and fast online casino payment methodsSelecting one of our suggested casinos is certainly a good beginning to making sure that your internet gaming experience is enjoyable and fun. The top casinos not only provide an abundant choice of games and a lot of bonus options, but they also offer a wide range of payment methods to comply with the needs of their users. We will explain some of those methods in this section.

In opposition to what most people think, Mastercard, Visa and similar are technically not kinds of credit card, but they are rather payment processing networks. They process the credit and debit card transactions, make a verification with the card issuer and then either decline or accept them on the merchant’s behalf in according to your available funds. For this service, the merchant pays a processing fee, and this is the way how those networks get their money.

Each time you use your debit or credit card, either physically or online, the payment system you use (like VISA) connects to the credit card department of your bank. So whenever you make an online deposit and make use of your credit card at the till Visa would be the one checking with your issuer whether your account has got enough money for funding your deposit.

What is the difference between debit and credit cards?

Whenever you put your debit card in use, there is a deduction of money from your bank account that has been tied to your account. The money you use with a credit card is not yours, and you will need to pay it back in the future.

Online casino payments with debit and credit cards

Whenever you use a credit card for playing at an internet casino, you should keep in mind that this payment will be classed as a cash advance by your card issuer. This is a very big difference to paying for some purchases on a credit card, where given that you pay the balance off in full prior to the due day you will not be charged.

If you use your credit card for online casino payment method at a casino online, from the exact moment you have made your online casino deposit, you will be charged interest. In addition, it is quite likely that your credit card processor will impose a handling fee which is a percentage of your casino deposit’s amount.

When you use a debit card, there will not be such charges. Another alternative for avoiding the charges is funding an e-wallet service like Skrill using your credit card and after this using Skrill for funding your casino account.
Yes, it may sound a bit complicated, but as you can see further on the current page, funding e-wallet account is easy.

Online casinos and credit card deposits

Have you heard that in 2010 there were more than fifty-five million credit cards circulating in the United Kingdom? Needless to say, they were a lot more in the US.

As already mentioned, we do recommend using a debit rather than your credit card for funding your account.

Online casinos and debit cards

The online gamblers like the flexibility of purchasing online and also the extra security of not having to carry big sums of cash with them. And after the global financial crisis, a lot of us prefer having more control of our money and avoiding overspending.

Debit cards are one of the best casino payment options because they give you the opportunity to play with real money and avoid charges. Since the money is deducted straight out of your account, you can only play with the money you have.

Online casinos and e-wallets

A lot of people do not want to use a debit or credit card online. Despite that both online casinos and banks have truly invested in making sure all their transactions are secure, many customers still prefer using prepaid cards and e-wallets.

In case you have not heard the term e-wallet, it is pretty much an account that can hold money. Similar to a physical wallet, you can take money out of it and also add money to it. This is one of the online casino payment options that are becoming common, and one of the major reasons is that you do not have to share your financial information with the internet casino you are playing at or, any retailer you buy services or items from.

Paypal is the most common e-wallet for online casino paymentsPaypal is probably the most common e-wallet service, and it is owned by eBay, the auction website. The Paypal transactions only in 2013 were valued at more than hundred and fifty billion dollars, and they involved twenty-six currencies and hundred and ninety-three countries. Paypal is the real giant of the e-commerce world with more than seventy million accounts.

In the following section, you can see how you can open a Paypal account, it is an easy thing to do, and it does not take more than five minutes.

Moreover, despite that they are the largest e-wallet provider, they are not the only one. A very common provider is also Skrill, they are accepted at more than 156 000 internet businesses worldwide which include a lot of casinos online. In addition, Skrill offers a prepaid card by Mastercard giving you all the Mastercard facilities without any card checks for a small yearly fee.

Which are the most used e-wallets for online casino payments?

We should also mention Ukash, it is an internet cash payment provider that enables you to use cash for shopping, paying and playing online securely and safely. It is perfect if you do not own a debit or credit card or if you are not willing to provide your individual information for paying online. There is a great number of retailers you can use for funding your Ukash account.

A similar to Ukash method is Paysafe, it is actually a prepaid card allowing you to pay securely online. Prepaid means that you can buy it from about 450000 available sales outlets. You will see a sixteen-digit PIN on your Paysafecard. By entering the PIN you can make online payments. You do not need to enter any individual information or your credit card or banking details.

Selecting the most suitable online casino payment method is about personal choice, and we have already explained that despite that you may not be charged by the casino, your card issuer will charge you. If you have any doubts about it, simply contact your credit card company.

Measures of fraud prevention

All our internet casinos accepting real money are serious about player protection and security and have invested millions for the most advanced technology of fraud prevention. On the other hand, you can trust the golden rules for minimizing the possible risks. You can always follow these rules, not only when it comes to gambling online.

Things to be cautious about whenever you play for real money

Phishing– A lot more commonly, more and more people worldwide are getting e-mails directing them to sites where they are requested to confirm or provide confidential financial or individual information. Despite that such e-mails may seem to have been sent by e legitimate website, in reality, they have one goal, and that is stealing your private information and then use it for accessing your accounts. After all, the results can be disastrous for you. This practice is popular as phishing.

How to prevent yourself from scams while gambling?You should never click on a link or reply to it if it is in an e-mail warning you that your account would be shut down unless you give a confirmation of your individual information. You should instead contact the company directly, in a genuine way (using authentic telephone number for example), which means you must never use the number included in the suspicious e-mail. Obtain the number from the internet, from an online directory or by calling a directory inquiry service.

Vishing – if you have watched “Watchdog”, the BBC one program about consumer rights, you will see many instances of the so-called Vishing. Vishing is when a fraudster makes phone calls to a potential victim and poses as a bank representative, fraud investigation specialist from a credit company or in some cases, even a police employee.

The purpose of the call is obtaining individual financial information, often including debit or credit card details (like the PIN), bank account details and other private information like your date of birth, full name, address and other. Consequently, the information is used for gaining access to your finances. A certain fraudster who has this information can change your details by contacting your bank, then apply for new financial service, credit card purchase some services or items from the web.

Please, remember:

  • Always be wary of unsolicited telephone calls
  • In order for a call to be terminated, both parties should hang up, a lot of people have thought they have ended a curtain call and replaced the receiver and after this picked it up for dialing without the realization that the fraudster is still on the line. He could have an accomplice pretending to be the individual you want to call (or for example, the bank). You should use a different phone if you have this option, like your cell phone, to check.
  • If you are not sure about what information you have to provide, keep in mind that most financial organizations list what kinds of information they may require on their website. And be sure that no one will require your personal identification number (PIN).
  • Never disclose your private financial information.
  • In case the call seems even slightly suspicious, do not hesitate to end it and then make a check. In case it is a legitimate caller, they would not be against you checking. Fraudsters are pretty good at pushing people and in using various tricks for convincing you that they are who they pretend they are.

Identity verification

How to verify your identity at the online casino?There are casinos requiring you to verify your identity, and it is more common practice when you use online casino withdraw methods and try to withdraw money from your casino account. These steps exist for protecting both the casino and you, and despite that, they are not too welcomed by the users it is much better than becoming a victim of fraud.

Previously, criminal gangs have made casino deposits at gambling websites with the use of a stolen debit or credit card or with the use of card details that they have obtained by Vishing or Phishing. After the online casino deposit has been made, the gang alters the online casino withdraw method (to a bank account, for example) and makes a withdrawal of the money. As a consequence, most internet casinos will allow a withdrawal only to the same online casino payment method used for funding the account of the player. Sure, this often is the cause of customer complaints and dissatisfaction, but this practice is done for protecting you.

There are some operators, such as 888 Casino allowing you to make a verification of your identity in advance and this allows for faster processing of all requests for withdrawal. Despite that the process varies for the various casinos, the documents you need to provide are in most cases the same – scanned or photographed copies of one or more of these documents:

  • A photograph identification – the normally accepted form of ID is your driving license or a passport. In case you are a foreigner who lives in the US, you can also use your national identification card.
  • Debit or credit card – this has to be the one that you use for funding the account and your casino operator will require clear pictures of both back and front.
  • Address proof – this has to be a recent bill for utilities, such as a water bill, electricity bill, cell phone bill. There are companies requiring on it being issued within the last three months, some others demand six months. The bill has to show your address and full name. In case you are sending your credit card statement, make sure that your complete card number is not visible – this is for your protection.

Online deposit – step by step guide

The best casino payment options for funding your account – it is quite an easy process. Despite that there may be little variations between the various operators, the process is overall the same.

Transaction charges and fees

Transaction fees and charges apply at online casinos
  • Fees for debit cards – usually you will not be charged when you use your debit card for funding your online casino account. Since the money is taken from your account, you should not incur fees or transaction charges.
  • Fees for credit cards – there are operators that will charge you when you use a credit card, you can check our comprehensive reviews about the casino of your interest. We have gathered all information you need such as minimum online casino deposit amount, time for deposit processing and much more. Please keep in mind that all the mentioned charges are placed by the online casino, which means that you have to contact your card issuer if you want to know about any possible banking charges.
  • Prepay and e-wallet fees – similar to credit card fees, we have only listed the charges by the casino operators.
  • Fees for currency conversion – all the casinos we have recommended accept payments in US dollars which means that you will not be charged when you make payments in this currency. In case you are paying in different currency there can be charges for currency conversion by your card issuer or a bank, so we suggest you contact them for more information.

Special bonuses

Both Winner Casino and Eurogrand provide special incentives and offers for players who use pre-paid cards and e-wallets. Our top choice for a casino giving you extra every time you fund your account is Eurogrand. They provide a stunning variety of online casino deposit methods and not just that, they offer you a bonus each time you pay, regardless of your chosen online casino payment method.


How to diminish the probability of a dispute?

When you register at an internet casino, you agree to their terms and conditions, so we highly suggest that you read them carefully before signing up as this would prevent disputes from happening in the future. In addition, keep in mind that special offers or promotions (welcome and loyalty bonuses included) could come with extra terms and conditions superseding the initial terms and conditions.

In case you have already checked their terms and you still have a complaint, you can contact the casino’s customer support. All casinos with a good reputation and certainly all we recommend will work on solving your issues. The online casinos have various ways to contact them – telephone, live chat, and e-mail are the basic ones if you need help.

Our review pages have pretty detailed information about the support options of the particular casinos so when selecting a casino it is always smart to check if the support option you prefer is available.

In case you are still not having fun with the state of your dispute then you can contact the licensing and regulatory body of the casino.

Frequently asked questions

Q: I have not used my old casino account for quite a long time and I have a new credit card not registered to my account, is it possible to open a new account so I can use the website’s new offer?

A: Even if there is a possibility that the system will allow opening a new account, it is a breach of the terms and conditions to have multiple accounts. We recommend that you do not do that. Because, for example, how would you feel if you happen to win the progressive jackpot worth a lot of millions, then you tell all your friends and family members just to realize that your win is invalid because of the multiple accounts? You should always play by the rules and stay safe, there are certainly numerous other casinos you can try out – take a look at our reviews to find those suitable for you.

Q: Am I able to play real money casino games online with my Maestro card?

A: In our reviews page, we cover all the accepted online casino payment methods, and you will see that the comprehensive reviews are truly helpful as we also explain the online casino deposit processing times and the online casino withdraw methods processing time as well.

Q: When it comes to my ID verification, do I need to send the original documents because I am not sure I would do that.

A: You do not need to do that, despite that the process varies between the various casinos, you can see the following instructions for ID verification with 888 Casino. For another casino, please contact their customer support or find the relevant information on their site.

  • Make sure that all the provided images are clear and legible
  • Go to the cashier section on the particular website
  • Choose “verify ID”
  • Click browse to choose the files you want to send
  • Ones the files have been attached, click “Upload” to finish the procedure.

Q: In which cases would I need to verify my ID? Is it only in case I have won?

A: No, the casino may require you to confirm your identity at any moment, they may be even legally obliged to obtain this information. However, it is more common for them to ask for it in the following cases:

  • When you submit an online casino deposit.
  • When you request a withdrawal.
  • When you raise your online casino deposit limit.
  • When you raise your online casino to withdraw limit.
  • In case you have accessed your account from another country, different than the default.
  • Any suspicious activity related to your account.

Q: I have registered for an account, but I have forgotten my username or password!

A: At the end of our page about casino payment methods and the top casino payment options, we should say that it is quite simple to solve this, just go to the main page of the casino and where you log in you can see “forgotten password”. Just click on this and follow the steps for retrieving the password. In case you have any difficulties, you are always able to contact their customer support using the live chat option, and they will gladly help you log again into your account.