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Your best live casino guide for US customers

When it comes to the best live casino, what are the features you take into consideration when selecting a live dealer casino? Do you want an immaculate HD streaming, wonderful bonus offers, gigantic limit range for bets, very professional and friendly dealers or a wider choice of games? Which are the aspects that are essential to you?

The best live casino guide for US customers

Whatever your preferences are, on this page we will show that you do not need to compromise with even a single one of the aforementioned advantages when you play live games online. We will prove you that in fact, there are best live casinos offering everything: the bonuses, the games, the range of bet limits and certainly, the attractive dealers.

Before introducing the best live casinos in us, however, we want to turn your attention to the fact that our recommended top live casinos on our website and on this page, are worthy of your trust, secure, safe and fair and all of them hold legal licenses. It means that whichever of our recommended live casino online you select, you can be confident that you are safe.

The importance of live casino online games

The live dealer casino games are getting more and more popular worldwide. The reasons are pretty much the excitement and diversity these games offer to the players. They come as a great refreshment and amalgamate the easiness of playing online with the feel of a traditional casino. What you get, in general, is the same interface as the usual online games, but the wonderful part is that there is, in fact, a real person dealing the cards or spinning the wheel in front of you.

The live dealer casino games are getting more and more popular worldwide.

In addition, as the technology improves live casino online providers are including HD streaming. There is an adjustment of broadcasting quality in tune with the bandwidth capabilities of the recognized device. As you may have guessed, there are various operators offering such games. The goal of the current page is to let you know the best live casinos and assist you in choosing the most suitable one.

The best live casinos US players can take advantage of

The largest, safest and most secure and best live casinos in US online currently provide live dealer games.

As we have evaluated virtually all the largest gambling websites on the US market, we can affirmatively tell you that the best live casinos in US are offered by William Hill, 888 and Eurogrand. You can take a look at what they offer by using these links or get to know more by reading the following paragraphs.

The 888 live casino

888 Casino is an operator with a great reputation offering a lot live casino promotions

888 Casino is an operator with a great reputation offering a lot of abundant live casino promotions when it comes to all your favorite live games. For example, if you like blackjack, you can use two different offers: the first one offers you the probability to win as much as twelve hundred dollars when playing at the VIP tables each day between 1 p.m. and 1 a.m. in the decks there are twelve bonus cards and if you are dealt one, you immediately receive the sum written on the card.

In a similar way, each day between 1 p.m. and 1 a.m. you are able to win another seven hundred and fifty dollars using the twelve bonus cards that are mixed in the blackjack decks from the private room of 888. And in case your favorite game is roulette, you can play each day between eight p.m. and nine p.m. Each time you have placed a bet in a round with a winning number eight, you receive eight dollars for free. In addition to the variety of bonuses, we also want to note that 888 Casino offers a live casino app letting you play while you move and experience the excitation of traditional land-based casinos when you are waiting for someone or when you are traveling.

The William Hill live casino

Our second suggestion for a best live casino is one of the operators that have won the trust of many players, and this is William Hill. For new players, William Hill offers two promotions. When you make a deposit of an amount equal to or more than twenty-five dollars, and you bet it eight times, you receive twenty-five dollars immediately.

William Hill live casino have won the trust of many players

The second promotion guarantees you twenty dollars cashback even in case you have lost your twenty dollars deposit while betting. You can just open a new account and place your initial wager between Tuesday and Wednesday – the casinos promise it is absolutely risk-free and we can confirm it. Of course, this live casino online operator also provides a mobile live casino. US customers can select from eleven tables and play Casino Hold’Em, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

The popular live dealer casino by Eurogrand

Eurogrand live casino have the newest technology of live streaming The live casino by Eurogrand employs the newest technology of live streaming to bring the genuine casino experience to you, wherever you are playing from. Here you can discover the most common gaming options, such as Casino Hold’Em, baccarat, blackjack and roulette. Read our comprehensive review of this provider in order to learn details about their live casino promotions, offers and games. Certainly, the reputation of Eurogrand is based on the total and unambiguous safety of their live dealer players. And the great news is that this, one of the best live casinos welcomes all of its new players with a wonderful bonus up to a thousand dollars.

The live dealer casino by 32Red

32Red casino has the reputation for a reliable, fun and secure option for online and live casino usersProviding the casino players the chance to play using software download, via browser and mobile apps, and offering random number generated games together with live casino online games and live dealer tables. 32Red casino is powered by Microgaming and it is not surprising that it has won multiple awards in its more than a decade of existence. 32Red Casino is one of the first Microgaming casinos, it has its license in Gibraltar and has the reputation for a reliable, fun and secure option for online and live casino users.

The Gala live casino

The Gala live casino provides essential live casino experienceThis casino has been re-launched and reloaded and now offers more live casino promotions, bonuses and games than ever before. It provides the essential best live casino online experience. Nothing here is left to chance and it is no surprising that Gala Live casino uses now the very trustworthy Playtech, a prominent gaming systems and software developer existing for more than ten years.

The live casino by Unibet

Unibet live casino worth every single moment spentFor very serious internet gamers, Unibet live casino provides all the chances if already are aware of your interests when it comes to online gambling. The top live casinos can offer all features they are able to provide, but if they do not offer the right kinds of games, they will not be successful in the online gambling business. Unibet live casino is undoubtedly one of these internet gaming platforms that you will quickly discover is worth every single moment spent.

The games with live dealers

The manners and rules of playing the best live casino games are pretty much the same like in the other internet casino games, with just a few tiny variations. In most cases when you play at an internet casino, the cards are dealt by a computer or the wheel is spun by it and we should admit that the absence of human contact with a dealer removes an essential part of the genuine casino experience. The top live casinos cover this because similar to brick and mortar casinos, you play against real human dealers, and you can communicate with them and with the other players.

There are quite many live dealer tables provided at the various best live casinos. And you can distinguish four games that are a necessity for all top live casinos with a great reputation and those are: Casino Hold’Em, baccarat, blackjack and roulette.

Roulette is among the highest tier live casino gamesPlaying internet live dealer roulette is one of the most exquisite experiences you can participate in. Without the need to say it, roulette is in general considered a very high-class game. Despite its solely chance-oriented nature, the excitation of the spinning wheel, the ball’s clatter and the table’s glamor makes roulette one of the most special, truly hypnotizing best live casino games.

Most of the best live casinos in US provide several options to select from, where European , French and American roulette are included. In most cases, the live dealer roulette complies with the rules of European roulette and in some cases the rules of French roulette which features a single zero.

You can also find maximum, and minimum bets and the gameplay goes according to the usual routine you already know about. However, if you would like to enhance your knowledge about the game, we would suggest you read our article about roulette where everything is explained in detail.

Blackjack is one of already traditional live casino gamesBlackjack is another one of the already traditional live casino online games, and being such, it already has its place at virtually every best live casino. Because this game presents a combination of skill and luck, it has been established as very common. In opposition, slots and roulette players rely completely on their chance and the spin of the reels or wheel. Blackjack has some versions similar to all other games and they do not differ much from each other. If there was a big difference between them, it would be quite hard for players to understand the game well. However, little variations absolutely enhance the entertainment. The bigger part of the blackjack games with live dealers that we have featured in our best live casinos in US, adhere to the traditional Vegas style.

Certainly, the values of cards are the same among all versions of the game and every casino and table offer their maximum and minimum bet limits. For all of the fans of blackjack, William Hill casino offer a unique treat. If you play at one of the special tables and if you are dealt a hand of three sevens pertaining to the same suit, you are able to win twenty times your bet up to a thousand dollars.

All genuine fans of baccarat will have a pleasurable experience with the live dealer action provided by the premium best live casinos because the video streaming that is non-stop offers the feeling of a genuine baccarat table. Undoubtedly, playing live is much better than playing against a computer. However, the differences in the other aspects of the game are not too many. You are still offered three possibilities: to bet on a player, on the dealer or on a tie. It goes without saying that the game window at every casino is pretty much identical to the others and you will have to satisfy certain bet limits.

Casino Hold'em is one of the most played online casino gamesCasino Hold’Em, or the casino variation of the most common poker game Texas Hold’Em can be found at all best live casinos in US and in most cases it is also featured in their casino app. In this case, you play against a dealer, like in a brick and mortar game and your goal is to acquire the best possible hand from your two hole cards combined with the five community cards. This game is an absolute favorite of the players not just because it resembles the most common poker versions, but also because it comes with a pretty low house edge – about two percent.

Three card poker live

You should not confuse three card poker with Casino Hold’Em, despite that they both are poker variations. While in the first game you use seven cards for determining the best five card hand, in three card poker only three cards are used for making the best combination. The lowest hand that can win is the single high card, and the highest winning hand is the royal flush – Queen, Ace and King in the same suit. This game uses a regular fifty-two card deck, which is shuffled after each hand is played. In three card poker, players are able to play against the house using clearly marked payouts and pay table.

Sic Bo live

Sicbo have an inclusion in the best live casinos online

This game has an Asian origin and means precious dice. The outcome of this game is determined solely by luck, with the use of three dice. Players are able to place bets on the outcome of a roll on a table where all of the combinations are marked out, and differing from craps, you do not need a strategy in Sic Bo since each roll of the dice can cause a loss or a win for the player as an outcome. It is logical for this very common game to have an inclusion in the best live casinos online because many people do not trust the random number generators.

The software of live gaming

You can understand a lot about the and live games by simply getting to know the software provider that powers the casino’s platform. The various software houses provide various choices of games, bet limits and bet options. In the following table, you can read some general information regarding the three best live gaming platforms provided by the gambling industry – those powered by Microgaming, Playtech and Evolution Gaming.

Best Brands
# Casino Provider Bonus Play
20$ Free Play
up to 150£ Play

As you can probably judge by the table’s information, the various platforms are good for players with various tastes. If you would like to have a very big bet limit range, for example, you will most probably be satisfied best with the live casino provided by Evolution Gaming. They also provide the only platform where you are able to play three card poker against a dealer and they offer one of the most thrilling roulette versions that exists: immersive roulette.

A prominent example for a wonderful operator where you can take advantage of the live dealer games by Evolution Gaming, is William Hill casino, which is exclusively suitable for the high rollers and has great live casino promotions for them.

On the other hand, the live casino platform by Playtech, is a great choice if you are a low roller, as their betting limits can go as low as 0.10 dollars. A wonderful example for a casino where you are able to play Playtech’s games is 888Casino, where you can have fun with the classic live dealer games such as Casino Hold’Em, baccarat, blackjack, roulette and a variation of Sic Bo.

And the third one is the Microgaming’s live dealer platform, which in addition to other advantages, provides players with the possibility of playing against dealers dressed as the Playboy bunnies. You can try out their platform at Betway Casino – they are an emerging big player in the gambling industry.

The essential features of live casino online games

Cards with a bigger size – the live table cards are oversized, so the numbers can be easily read and no doubt arises in regards to which one the winning hand is.

Different camera aspects are some of essential features of live casino online gamesThe multiple camera angles – since you cannot move like in a real casino in the live casino, multiple camera angles are provided because of this.

The rules of the best live casino online games are pretty much the same as those in classic brick and mortar casinos and the live casino online games’ computerized variations. The major difference is that live casino online games come with special features enhancing the experience of the player.

In order for a user in a live online casino to be able to keep track of the game, every single detail has to be lucid and seen at any moment. That is the reason why most of the best live casinos in US have decided to include larger playing cards for their card games. The size they provide is almost two times of the classic playing cards size, and in addition, the cards’ suits are enhanced and take up most of the space of the card.

Another crucial feature is the perspective of the camera that comes with the live streamed game. The angle of the camera has to be set in such a way so it can focus on the essential details of your selected game – the hands of the dealer, or the wheel of the roulette. Quite often, they are multiple cameras available.

In some cases, those multiple cameras provide you the possibility to see the picture from two perspectives simultaneously – one camera showing the wheel’s spin and another showing the live dealer and in other cases, there is also a need of multiple cameras because there are multiple seats on the table, for example, the seven-seat tables for blackjack. This way all players can be submerged in the game seeing it from unique perspectives.

And of course, one of the most important elements of the live casino online dealer games is the social element, where you not only are offered the possibility to interact with the dealer but with other players as well, so you can make new friends while also playing the best live casino online games.

What to take into consideration when selecting the best live casino online

There are multiple aspects that you have to recognize before choosing the top live casinos in US.

  • In general, there are two different styles of dealers – one is the classic Vegas style gaming, and the other is based on different countries and their styles.
  • An essential aspect of the best live casinos is the software. The most popular and best software platforms are provided by IGT, Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming. These software platforms are smoothly integrated with the interface of the casinos and provide a seamless gameplay.
  • Safety and security: All of the ongoing transactions have to be protected by a 128 bit Secure Socket Layer Digital Encryption. As a consequence, when you make bank transactions, your individual information remains secure and safe.
  • All favorite game categories are offered by the top live casinos and those include baccarat, roulette and blackjack. The major difference between regular and live casinos is the fact that live games provide interactive and genuine feeling to your experience.

Positive sides of the live dealer games

What are the actual advantages of the best live casino games? You can find few advantages with online gambling that comes with a live dealer and one of them is the fact that the dealer uses real cards or a real roulette wheel. A lot of players like this fact very much and prefer it than the random number generator normally used by the casino games online. While the random number generator could be set to be as fair as possible, a lot of players have the feeling that nothing can compare to the genuine experience. The casino online games give them the opportunity to enjoy the classic games from the convenience of their home.

Moreover, the live dealer brings another feature completely missing from the online casinos and this is the social aspect. The privacy offered by the online casinos is wonderful but it could be great if some social interaction comes with it. The top live casinos provide you with the essence of both worlds. There are also other players included in some live dealer games, so you can chat with each other while you are playing.

Are there any downsides with the live casino?

In fact, some features of the live casino can be perceived as disadvantages. The main one is the gameplay’s speed. It is considerably slower because of the necessity the dealer to deal with cards. There is no way to speed up the gameplay, but many players are happy with a pace that resembles closely traditional brick and mortar casino.

In the end, best live casino games require an online connection that is better that this required for playing standard casino games online. This is because a video of the dealer has to be streamed to your computer in real time. For most players, this is not an actual problem, but if you live in a place with a bad internet connection, you need to consider it.

An evaluation of best live casinos

When you play casino online games you get an incomparable experience. You can sense the thrill of playing against real human dealers without the need of going out of your home or while you are on the go and using your mobile device. The only disadvantage we can see in selecting to play against dealer in opposition to a computerized variation of the game is certainly the slower gameplay, but this can be easily overlooked, because there are a lot more advantages than disadvantages. In the end, there is nothing in comparison to the interaction between players and dealers so don’t waste more of your precious time and try out casino online gaming and best live casino today!