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Our guide about the best casino games online

If you are still on the quest of finding the best casino games online, you can now relax because here you can get the information you need. We have collected all the essential information needed for discovering the game that is most suitable for you and we will gladly offer it in this thorough review. The market of gambling websites is currently so competitive that each operator that intends to be one of the top competitors has to create and discover new ways to lure more customers and keep the loyal users at the casino.

In order to do this, the operators invest a lot of money, energy and time in enhancing their game selection. This is the reason why the variety of games at most internet casinos cannot be found in the traditional land-based casinos. Most of the casino games online are involving, graphically complex and very entertaining – these are one of the features you should consider when selecting a website offering the best casino games.

On the other hand, variety is not a simple thing and there aren’t too many casinos offering a unique choice of online casinos games. The reason for this is that they use only several platforms of several developers. This means that even when you go to a new online casino, you can eventually start playing games which are almost the same as those offered in many other online casinos.

888 provide unique online casino games you cannot find anywhere else

You can find operators that are very keen on providing exclusive games and developing their own unique software product. For example, 888 Casino is one of the very few operators offering their own software platform which has been developed by Dragonfish – their subsidiary. The casino provides unique software and wonderful games you cannot discover anywhere else.

The most common best casino games for real money among US players

When we wanted to see which are the most common best casino games in the USA, we did a little marketing research and unsurprisingly, slots are the most popular games, followed by roulette, blackjack and scratch cards. Further down, you can find more information about all of these games and which are the most suitable places where you can play them.

The slots

Slots are the most popular casino games

Slots are the most popular online casinos games and can be found on all gambling websites for real money. But we would like to point you in the direction of the slots offered at 888Casino. Their slots are not only with a great variety but are developed by the industry’s giant Playtech – this developer has been awarded the Best Slots Software prize in the EGR awards for 2013.

Contemporary slots are much more sophisticated than before and developers are intensely focused on offering considerably better options. Quite a lot has been done when it comes to visual experience and graphics. Substantial efforts have been invested into developing engaging games attracting and keeping the attention of the players throughout many spins. You can find quite common themes for slots in comics or feature films as well as sports and other popular culture areas. A great example is the much loved Marvel comics themed slots, which have been developed by the leader in the industry Playtech and which became top online casino games.

The roulette

Roulette is a casino game known to everyoneThe roulette is a genuine classic among all best casino games, and despite that it is not as popular as slots, it is undoubtedly a game known to everyone. Not only keen casino players enjoy it, but there are people who are not part of the gaming world who are attracted to it and know much about it. The excitement of anticipation during the rattling of the ball over the pockets is quite likely the reason for the game’s popularity among various players.

Internet casinos normally offer several various options of this game. Most casinos provide the three popular versions – American, European and French, the last one being the most favorable to the users. In addition to this diversity, casinos in most cases have some VIP, Pro and Premium games on chosen tables. The bet limits are higher there, the service is more focused on the person and the layouts come with premium luxury and class.


Blackjack is one of the most played casino card gamesAs opposed to most of the card games, blackjack is seldom played outside the casino. In this game, strategy and chance are mixed, it is played against a dealer and the purpose for you is to beat the house. The rules are pretty easy and you can read more about them in our special blackjack article if you want to either learn them from scratch or to develop them more.

Most online casinos offer more than one version of one of the best casino games, and every version comes with its specific rules. In some cases, you can find special VIP tables at the live casinos offering higher bet limits and extra bonuses. Because this is one of the top online casinos games operators value the experience of players and take a special care to make sure it is superb.

Scratch cards

We knew that scratch cards are quite common among people, but it was fascinating to acknowledge their popularity in the online community of gamblers. You can find the top choice of scratch games at the casinos powered by Playtech, for example, Betfair. At this casino, you can play scratch card with various themes, such as Rocky and Pink Panther.

Scratch cards casino games are availlable with various themes
Some other best casino games

Normally, casinos offer much more than the best casino games. You can find some games that are not so common, but still having their devoted fans. For example, the arcade games played for the fun of wonderful visuals, the lively action and also the stunning audio features.

In many cases, casino players can have fun with some bingo or keno games in which even tiny wins can bring a lot of joy, as the real focus for the players here is not the amount won. For all fans of immediate wins, online casinos provide various scratch cards. They are regularly included in the welcome bonuses or given to players as side entertainment. Playing such games is not the central activity in online casinos but it is a great extra to the many best casino games.

Some of the games that are gradually getting more popular are the Casino Hold’Em and baccarat. The availability of these card games is not only in regular casinos but they are very often offered in live-dealer casinos, and this is one of the reasons for the increase in their popularity. Other games that could be of your interest are Wild Viking, Craps, Sic Bo, Three Card Poker and the most common versions of video poker – Joker Poker, Aces and Faces, All American, Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better.

Positive aspects of playing online

Many people could be wondering what is the reason to play on the internet when there are brick and mortar casinos in proximity or a bar where they can play slots. If we put the aforementioned convenience aside, you can find quite substantial advantages to online playing that should not be ignored. Take a look at some of them:

The higher RTP

The higher RTP is one of the positive aspects of playing best online casino gamesThis is most likely the essential advantage of playing best online casino games. In fact, most traditional land-based casinos set the house edge of the games they offer at a higher percentage, while internet casinos keep it considerably lower. The reason is that land based casinos have additional expenses like more employees, drinks, electricity, and rent. However, the consumer does not care about these. The important fact is that online casinos offer lower house edges and this means more money for their users.

The game selection

It is impossible even for the largest brick and mortar casinos to accommodate as many various versions of card and table games and slots as the smallest casino online. Casino websites do not have the concern about space because the world wide web offers practically infinite space meaning that these casinos do not need to sacrifice some old game each time a new game is added. This means that the selection of games of most internet casinos is growing constantly while that of traditional land based casinos stays the same.

The ability to play on the go

By selecting to sign up at an online casino, the player gets the chance to play wherever she or he is and not only on various computers and at various locations but also on a mobile device and on the go. In fact, currently, all casinos online provide the option to play on the go and are putting a lot of effort and money in broadening their mobile game choice.

The big bonuses

Most online casinos provide big bonuses for on a regular basisDespite that in some cases brick and mortar casinos provide some promotions, these simply cannot compare to those at internet casinos when it comes to size and number. Most casinos online not only provide abundant bonuses to the users playing for the first time but also standard promotions on a regular basis, as well as VIP clubs rewarding the players who are most loyal.

As you were able to see, there are basic advantages in playing online casino games, and there is no justification for you not to try them out. When you think more about it, the only downside that can come up is the absence of social interaction but there is a solution to this as well. You can play internet live dealer games and get the best combination of both worlds: the convenience of playing at home and the excitation of playing against real people (real dealers).

Real money playing

Whether it is table or card games, slots or arcade games, in every moment you take the decision to switch from the demo version to real money mode, the essential thing is to play in a US licensed casino with a good reputation. Here our suggestions for US players are very useful, as they provide something suitable to every playing routine and taste. You can be a high roller or a small bettor – we have chosen providers that will cover your needs.

Take a look at our list of wonderful operators, read more about the best casino games run at their sites, the spectacular bonuses they offer and decide which one is suitable for you. Which one is our top suggestion? Honestly, it is 888 Casino because they have accomplished the best balance between an unique choice of games, wonderful bonus options and superb user experience.

Best casino games when it comes to house edge

It is very practical to make a categorization of the top online casinos games when the size of the house edge is concerned, as there are considerable advantages to playing casino games with a low edge. We are not suggesting that the online best casino games with a high edge should be ignored though, as in many cases they are your chance of winning larger amounts in comparison to the sums staked.

Games with a low edge

To some degree, it is debatable what a low house edge is because a certain amount that is acceptable for one user may appear too high for someone else. However, there are some games that come with unambiguously low edge and these are PaiGow Poker, baccarat and blackjack. Some video poker versions also come with very low edges, as well as a couple of special bets in craps.

European roulette offers the best house edge among all 3 variants. Please, keep in mind that there are some games with a low edge, specifically blackjack, requiring the employment of appropriate strategies in order the edge to remain low.

European Roulette offers the best house edge
Games with a high edge

Keno, for example, comes with one of the highest edges in the top online casino games industry – around twenty-five percent and this is the reason for the decline in its popularity. American roulette comes with a higher edge in comparison with the European roulette ( 5.26% and 2.70%) and you can find some bets in craps with a house edge more than ten percent. The house edge in slots could come close to fifteen percent.

Top online casino games when it comes to skill factor

All online casino games bring random outcomes, so they are basically luck based. On the other hand, there are some involving a certain degree of skill. The online casino games with a skill factor are very common with some users, as people enjoy adding a personal influence over the outcomes. But there are also people with a preference toward pure chance and who put their fate hundred percent in the lady luck’s hands.

Best casino games with a high skill factor

The highest skill factor goes to the game of blackjack, as each decision affects the chances of the player of winning. In addition, it is technically possible to learn tricks in blackjack, if you can master card counting. This is a very special skill and difficult to learn. There is significant skill involved in video poker as well when it comes to knowing which cards to discard and which cards to keep.

Some people argue that craps also involve skill, if you can learn dice control. It is very debatable whether this is possible, but even if it is, it would involve very special skills.

Top online casinos games with a low skill factor

You can find several best casino games online involving a low skill level. These are pretty much the games where the decision could affect the overall house edge, but not very much. Virtually all casino poker games can be put in this category.

Best casino games with pure chance

The pure chance casino games online are the ones where whatever you do doesn’t have any effect on the likelihood of your winning or the house edge. Slots are a great example of this kind of games, and you can find many more. For example baccarat and roulette.



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How to find the best casino games online?

Even if you present this question to more than a thousand casino players, you will get a great variety of answers and there won’t be any wrong one. Because, in reality, there is no such creature as the best casino game, it all depends on individual preferences. There are people that are totally into slots, while for others this is just a waste of money and time. There are people who are crazy about blackjack, while for others it requires too much mental effort and it is boring and slow.

We would not like to force our opinions about which are the best casino games for you, as it is only your decision. We only recommend that you give some time to at least few various best casino games online, this way you can see which are the most suitable ones for you. When it comes to making a decision, there is no correct way. On the other hand, considering the following factors might be very useful.

  • The house edge – the low house edge provides a better value for the money spent in the long run.
  • The potential payout – there are games offering the opportunity to win big in relation to the stake you have made.
  • The skill factor– do you have a preference toward games that involve skill or the pure chance ones?
  • The enjoyment – which games are the most fun to play for you?

Actually, the last point is the essential one of the four to take into consideration, as all casino games online should be basically about having more fun. On the other hand, the other factors are worth considering too.

A final conclusion

The selection of the best casino games is a large part of the casino’s appeal. There is no need to choose one favorite or adhere to playing just a few games. It is perfectly ok if that is what makes you happy but we should say something about diving into all options that are available. Every single time you play, you can try a different game, and it would take you a long time to give them all a try. Don’t be scared of trying new games as this might be much more enjoyable for you.

Best casino games frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need to download a casino client in order to be able to play the casino games online? Is it possible to play in a browser mode?

A: There is no such requirement obliging you downloading and installing any type of software allowing you to play the top online casino games. Each of our recommended operators offers an instant play option. It is absolutely up to you whether you will select to play with downloadable casino client or in a browser mode. Keep in mind that some instant casinos provide a limited choice of games. Another advantage of the casino clients is the fact that you do not need to meet the requirement for immaculate internet connection, unlike flash casinos.

Q: Is it possible to play all casino games for fun / for free / in a practice mode?

A: You certainly can. The top online casinos offer you the chance to test their top online casino games in practice mode or even have a charge-free session when you choose. However, not all casino games online are available. At most online casinos you can play the multiplayer and live-dealer games only in real money mode.

Q: Is there an equal contribution of all casino games toward the wagering requirements when it comes to my welcome bonus?

A: In an ideal world, yes, but unfortunately, in reality, the casino games do not contribute equally. Each casino game counts in a different way in regards to the play-through requirements for the bonus. Normally all slot machines have a contribution of hundred percent, while blackjack and roulette games are ten and twenty percent respectively. On the other hand, the figures are different with each operator and you can find information about them in our reviews.

Q: Is it possible to play casino games online on my mobile device and what is the availability of games?

A: Each online operator we have featured on this site comes with a mobile casino version accessible from your Android device, iPad or iPhone. It is very simple to get the needed apps, iOS users are able to find them in the AppStore but the best way is scanning the QR codes found on their websites. The apps using is intuitive and easy, too bad the gaming options are somehow limited. On the other hand, all best casino operators have made more than one of the top gaming options available for mobile.

Q: How can I be confident that internet best casino games are not manipulated?

A: Online casinos provide a guarantee that their featured games are fair on many levels. First, all casino operators featured on this website use only the products of trusted and reputable software companies.

In addition, you can be sure that the results for all games are fair in case they are supported by Microgaming, Playtech and similar software providers. Moreover, all of our listed operators are under very tight control of testing agencies and government bodies and are very closely monitored by them.