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Have Fun with The Game of European Roulette

The European roulette is not, as some may think, the tuxedo-wearing relative of the American roulette. There are some important differences dividing both versions of roulette.

Introduced in the eighteen century, until now the roulette has been a very common game enshrouded in mystery and fun. Some of you know that the brilliant French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal was the inventor of the roulette wheel, he came with it in his quest of creating a perpetual motion device. When you look at the design of intricately made wooden wheel which spins on an axis, the feeling is exhilarating. Whenever the croupier is spinning the metal bar along the grove, all players eyes are intently fixed on where the ball will stop.

At first, the European roulette was introduced with just one zero and thirty-six numbers either red or black. Since the game has become a staple in all casinos, there was a change in the house advantage with the addition of a double zero (00). This version spread worldwide and in America, it is still used. On the other hand, the Europeans decided to reclaim the single zero version which comes with better odds.

The Game Rules in Short

european roulette iconThere are a few rules in addition to the wheel’s single zero, that are applied in different European casinos and these rules make the game of European roulette even more dramatic. For example, with the ‘la partage’ rule, you lose half of the bet when your ball lands on zero. This rule affects only the outside bets and it makes the house advantage half of the usual (it changes it to 1.35%).

Another rule worth mentioning in the European roulette is the ‘en prison’ rule. If your ball lands on the zero, then your bet is suspended ‘in prison’ and with the next spin, you can see if you hit your number. If your next spin hits the number, you will get your money returned without winnings. It should be noted again that this applies to outside bets and is used only in casinos that have specified it.

The European version of roulette presents some appealing advantages over the American version of the game. If we just take into consideration the enhanced advantage over the house, we could honestly say that the European version of roulette is better.

How European Roulette is Played

For most players, the first look at a roulette table could be frightening, though the main idea about the game is pretty simple to comprehend: you should guess where out of the thirty-seven chambers the ball will settle. In addition, you can try to choose the general color, or whether an even or odd chamber will come up.

Postpone all your duties, take a chair, relax and give this wonderful casino game a try! First of all, place your bets. You can choose all combination of these bets on any single spin:

  • european rouletteBet on ranges – guess whether your number will come up in the lower or upper half of the numbers; guess whether it will be in the third, second or first thirds or whether it will land in the third, second or first column.
  • Bet on quadrants or pairs – bet on quadrants or pairs of numbers by putting your chips between numbers.
  • Bet on even or odd – choose whether the ball will land on odd or even numbers.
  • Bet on black or red – decide whether the next number will be black or red.
  • Bet on single number – choose the single number you think the ball will land on.

Once your choices have been made, click on spin and keep your fingers crossed! Your payouts for each kind of bet and the maximum wager you can place on each kind of bet could be seen in the pay table, which could be observed when you scroll over the sign which shows the betting minimum and maximum at the page’s top. There’s a double ball version as well.

How to win at European Roulette

Try to guess which number the ball will land on. If the wheel spin’s outcome is the same as your bet, then you win. The kind of wager you place and how much money you bet will define your payout. You will have your winning credited to your account instantly. If your wager is not the same as the wheel spin’s outcome, your bet will be lost.

Directions for Playing

  • For betting on European Roulette, choose a chip value when you click on a chip having an appropriate value on it, which you can find at the screen’s bottom. Your chip will rise a little and its outer edge will turn, which is an indication that you have selected it. If you want to change the value, you should click on another chip.
  • Move the cursor over the betting cloth which is above the roulette wheel. When the cursor is over it, each betting kind will illuminate. Also, the odds for each bet will be displayed. You can select single numbers and a different group of numbers. In order to place a bet next, click on this area and then a chip with the chosen value will be deposited on the particular bet on the betting cloth. By clicking again, you are able to place another equal value bet. You can also mix chip values with the same bet. There is an explanation about all available bets in the payouts and bets section.
  • Use this method and place as many bets as you want.
  • When you are satisfied with your bets, click on the spin button. The roulette wheel will be spun online and the ball will land on a single number. This number would be the draw’s result.

The winnings from accurate bets will be funded to your account instantly. When you lose bets, the amount of the bet is forfeited.

Clear, Undo and Double Buttons

Check some other functions:

  • In order to clear all the bets on the table, you should click on the Clear button.
  • In order to undo the last bet you have made, you should click on the Undo button.
  • In order to remove a wager from a certain spot, you should move the mouse cursor over the same wager and then press the keyboard’s SHIFT key while at the same time clicking the mouse.
  • In order to double all the bets you have placed, you should click on the Double button.

New Game, Rebet and Spin, Rebet X2 and Spin Buttons

After you have finished a game:

  • You should select New Game in order to play another game. By selecting New Game, you will be able to place all new wagers.
  • You should select Rebet and Spin in order to play another game with placing the same bets as in the previous game. You should keep in mind that the wheel would spin instantly after clicking on this option. Once pressed, the action cannot be undone.
  • You should select Rebet X2 and Spin in order to play another game with using the same bets as in the previous game with placing a double bet on each bet. You should keep in mind that the wheel would spin instantly after clicking on this option. Once pressed, the action cannot be undone.

The European Roulette on Evolution Gaming

european roulette playEuropean roulette is the basic live roulette game we offer to players in Europe and all over the world. Providing the biggest number of regular and VIP tables that could be accessed from a single source, it is, in fact, the top world class live roulette experience that players can have on all kinds of devices. Similar to all Evolution live casino games supporting mobile play, there is an availability of each table on any supported device and all features are wonderfully optimized according to the specific Operation system, device and screen size.

The experience of internet live play is hyper realistic with a user-friendly interface, live betting interaction and abundant features such as the favorite bets. The personal menu could save up to fifteen favorite bets for each player and speeds up the betting for every player in addition to simplifying the more complex betting for the players with more experience.

Play European Roulette Could at Casino Bovada

The European version of roulette comes with a wheel with thirty-seven stops and with the ball that could settle with equal probability on any one of these stops. The numbers of the stops start with zero, then one to thirty-six and all are either red or black color. Place your bet on where you expect the ball to land. In order to do that, you should place chips on the roulette table. There is a multiplier of the bet according to which winnings are paid.

Betting, Ranks and Payouts

  • european roulette table layoutYou can place your bet of one pound, five pounds, ten pounds, twenty-five pounds and a hundred pounds. Select the number of chips to bet per click.
  • You can place separate bets when you click on various spots on the table.
  • You can place a bet for a maximum amount of five hundred pounds on the table. You can bet up to two hundred pounds for outside bets and five hundred pounds for inside bets.
  • Once you have placed your bet, you should spin the wheel. If the ball settles on a color or number you have placed your bet on, you win.
  • In European roulette, there are many kinds of bets. When you place the chips in a various way or selecting a neighbor or a special bet, you are able to bet on one, two, three, four, six, twelve or eighteen numbers.

Take a look at the following table listing the bet kinds and the corresponding payouts:

Descriptions of the Buttons

  • The spin button – you can use it in order to spin the ball on the wheel.
  • The rebet button – with it, you use the same chip bet as with your last spin.
  • The clear all button – with it, you can remove all your previous bets you have placed on the table.
  • The remove button – with it, you can click on the chips you would like to be removed from the table.

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