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Welcome to our guide to the land-based USA casinos

When it comes to US land-based casinos, the American market is one of the largest commercial gambling markets in the whole world and it offers a total of over a thousand brick-and-mortar casinos. Every state in this country has its own particular law in regards to the land-based casinos to which all players must stick.

Which are the most known places for casino gambling in the United States of AmericaThe most known places for casino gambling in the United States of America are Las Vegas in Nevada and Atlantic City in New Jersey. Both cities boast some of the largest and top land-based operators, and multitudes of players go to gamble there.

The largest amount of casinos in the USA that are land-based nowadays are tribal casinos. In general, those refer to Native American gambling and has a relation with casinos where there are bingo halls and also other gambling operations and which are located on American Indian reservation or tribal land in the USA.


It is believed that gambling houses in a certain shape or another have existed in most of the human societies in our history, at least dating from the time of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Undoubtedly, a ubiquitous popular type of entertainment partly for its ability to tickle the sense of risk that is inherent in all people, gambling became widespread in post-Tudor Europe, with the very first establishment resembling what is now a land-based casino opening in Italy – Venice, around 1638. After about thirty-two years of controlled gambling, the so-called “Ridotto” was closed in 1770 by the government because of claims that the only goal was depleting the local gentry’s wealth.

From the early establishments, however, developed an industry which has become the global network we are familiar and in love with today. A lot of people consider the pursuit’s migration from Europe to America as the real turning point – there were gaming saloons appearing in pretty much all new settlements during the eighteenth, nineteenth and the twentieth century.

The riverboat casinos

Many gamblers from all over the US would go to the New Orleans riverboat casinosThe US casinos found a great development in the face of New Orleans and the advent of riverboat casinos in the eighteenth century. At this time there was a boom in gambling establishments in this country and many gamblers from all over the US would go to the New Orleans riverboat casinos and place their bets on popular card games and boat races.

The wild wild west casinos

It did not take too long for the brick-and-mortar casinos to start popping up in the so-called wild west and there were various people from the whole country going west because of the 1850’s gold rush when there were huge amounts of gold discovered in California. The new USA casino gambling capital was quickly changed from New Orleans to San Francisco but within not very long time very strict laws were implemented in order to control the city’s gambling activity and it abruptly lost that place.

The Nevada casinos

Golden Gate Casino is the first and longest existing gambling establishmentBefore gambling acquiring a legal status in the state of Nevada, there were a lot of people who went to the city’s land-based venues. In 1906, the Golden Gate Casino was established, and it became the first and longest existing gambling establishment. The original building is still functioning, and there have been more than twelve million dollars spent for renovations on it.

The gangsters and the gambling

At the beginning of the twentieth century, there were a lot of US operators that became a gathering point for gangsters and mob bosses. Quite often there were organized criminals in the gambling establishments and as soon as gambling became legal in Nevada, most of the powerful gangsters in the US approached the opportunity for launching their own land-based operators in Las Vegas.

The tribal casinos

First Indian casino establishment was in 1979 by Seminole tribeWe can certainly say that the wide majority of US casinos nowadays are operated and owned by tribes. These casinos are known as tribal casinos, and there are more than five hundred of these all over the country. They are run my more than two hundred and fifty tribes and are dispersed in more than thirty states. The Native American Gaming’s birth year is 1979 when there was the establishment of the first Indian casino in Florida by the Seminole tribe.

According to law, tribal casinos are obliged to contribute their accumulated annual revenues to trust funds that are state-controlled. Subsequently, the funds go to the local community and serve for covering the costs of expansion and maintenance and also to other tribes who are not entitled to any gaming operations within the state. Since its inception, Indian gaming has been related to many controversies, basically revolving around the immorality of casino gambling.

The profits accumulated by the tribal casinos have been sufficient for the main part of the native communities to become economically independent and thrive. In the contemporary US, tribal casinos have to be in compliance with the 1988 Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, and also with some other federal laws.

The current land-based casinos

Currently, in the United States, there are many brick and mortar casinos and we have evaluated and listed the best US land-based sites that offer the top games. Nowadays, the US gambling industry’s value is billions of dollars and brick and mortar casinos are reaping great benefits.

Americans really like gambling and certain brick and mortar casinos earn up to a hundred million dollars in annual revenue. The USA gambling has undoubtedly developed greatly since its initial appearance and currently, more than seven million Americans gamble actively at the country’s various brick and mortar casinos.

What are land-based casinos?

What is a land-based casino?These are physical casinos, or in other words, brick-and-mortar ones. With the current quite developed shape of the industry, it is possible to forget the fact that it all began with the classic casino. It had just a four walls and a roof, possibly a restaurant and a bar and a lot of gaming tables plus if you are lucky- one or two machines. The term land-based today is used in reference to establishments which exist within a certain country and are licensed to the appropriate authority in the country.

Positive aspects of the traditional casinos

Brick-and-mortar casinos provide the gamblers a more genuine experience than any internet casino. Despite that, you cannot compete with the ease of access and the convenience of the online casinos, it is still an indisputable fact that the brick-and-mortar casinos provide more interactive, memorable and overall real experience. Nothing can compare to going to your selected physical table, changing actual chips and starting the game.


The most popular bonus, no matter if it is a brick-and-mortar casino or an online casino, is the welcome bonus. The house uses it as a straightforward marketing strategy for attracting new players by providing them with a deal that sounds like “something for nothing”. The casino bonus has existed for decades and you can find it in various sizes and forms.

Land-based casinos are also giving a welcome bonus for new customers

Land-based casino tips

The variety of tips that are available to the players who visit the many brick and mortar casinos is very big and also depends on the different games you play and the sums of money you have wagered. To narrow them down to just a few essential ones likely to always help you in your gambling quest:

  • Know your limits well and consider your budget boundaries carefully.
  • Play only games that you are hundred percent familiar with, it sounds obvious, we know, but failing to follow this simple rule has caused a lot of trouble for many people.
  • Limit your alcohol intake – it is crucial to the final gambling outcomes.

No matter which casinos in the USA you are looking to play at, you can always find a suitable one for you.

At our site, we are always working hard to help our readers with the most thorough and useful betting and casino gaming information, and as a genuine part of our mission, we have evaluated many of the brightest and largest brick-and-mortar casinos in the USA. If you wish to try out some of the best games in the land-based casinos, follow our games reviews. We consider their offerings when it comes to promotions, games and also their additional features such as the customer service’s quality.

Why playing at land-based venues is a good choice?

Certainly, our selected brick-and-mortar USA casinos are chosen carefully for providing the best games, no matter where you come from. They can be too far from you or at some location that is more suitable for a holiday than for just a casual visit. However, you should keep in mind that our USA casino reviews are not only for traditional casinos. Our basic purpose is to support players with all the needed knowledge for online casino gaming. We have comprehensive reviews regardless of the casino’s location, and you can confidently explore all the options.

More information about land-based venues

A so-called land-based casino is a casino situated on land and that is owned either by corporations or by individuals. This gambling operation is controlled and overseen by a state gaming commission or a state gaming control board. There are some traditional casinos that are limited by state law when it comes to the maximum sum of a single bet.

Online casinos and land-based venues are in close relation to each other since they quite often provide the same kind of games, but there are also a lot of differences between them. One thing is a fact – the genuine gambling experience is offered by the brick-and-mortar casinos.

Land-based casinos offer great social experience

The games played at land-based casinos are in front of you and real, and when you play them, you are together with real human dealers and players. Yes, many online casinos are striving to emulate the genuine feeling of the brick-and-mortar casinos by providing live dealer games, but still, it is not exactly the same as you are separated physically and by the computer.

A lot of people have a genuine interest in the differences between brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos.

The land-based slot machines are the most common casino game in the USA casinos and all over the world. These pay out higher combined amounts to the players than all table games combined. Is it possible for this so profitable part of land-based gaming to transfer to the web? A great number of players consider it not only possible but a reality. Internet slots have rapidly become the most common form of online gaming, in part because of the accessibility to internet slots and in part because they are so simple to play. Let us proceed with our page about casinos in the USA.

The slot machines in brick-and-mortar casinos have been digital for several decades, which means that the transition to internet slots is quite a smooth one. There is a little confusion in some players when they learn that physical slot machines are also a computer, just one placed inside a cabinet, but this is true. Slot machines in the US land-based casinos are operated by a chip and there is an RNG (random number generator) built in. The software of the slot machines in the brick-and-mortar casinos works exactly in the same way as in internet slots game and is simply hard coded onto the machine’s computer chips.

At the end of our page about USA casinos, we should say that the slot machines in a brick-and-mortar casinos can certainly provide more exciting sounds and lights than the internet slots. The online slots’ graphics have been developed to the point of becoming extremely realistic and quite fun, but certainly, it is not possible to match the more classic physical appearance of the brick-and-mortar casino slot machines.