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Best Roulette Strategies. Get to Know the Roulette Wheel: Ten Important Secrets

In order to make the best roulette strategies, you must remember that the wheel is your battle ground. It is the law that defines the result without giving you the option for appealing. It is the point of the horizon where the anticipating eyes of every roulette player are fixed. A little difference, a minor move of the wheel, a number right or left can mean the difference between victory and fail. It is impossible to consider yourself a roulette player if you haven’t learned about the mechanical and physical features of roulette. The wheel is your game.



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The first roulette cylinder came in a very primitive form, in the seventeen century. It was introduced by Blaise Pascal, a French inventor, philosopher and physicist in his quest to come with a perpetual motion machine. The game of roulette as we are familiar with nowadays, started to be played about a hundred years later, around 1760 in France.

For the non-professional eye, there is no difference between the various kinds of roulette wheels but if you look closer, these differences become obvious. One of the first choices that players looking for the best roulette strategies have to make is whether to play American or European roulette because these are the two major kinds of roulette wheels. A great difference between them is the two zeroes on the cylinder in the American version which creates a bigger advantage for the casino. This fact should turn down some potential players but there are still many people that select this kind of wheel and the basic reason is that in some countries, USA included, there are no real alternative options because the great majority of casinos have double zero wheels only. A curious fact is that the first roulette in France had two zeroes but that was changed when the casinos in Germany started to compete and made an introduction of the single zero roulette in order to lure more clients. Keep in mind that besides the various kinds of wheels, there are also various kinds of rule variations and tables.

The Game of American Roulette

When it comes tobest roulette strategies pic the best roulette strategies, the American roulette wheel has a total of thirty-eight pockets and they range from zero to thirty-six, plus the extra 00 number. Eighteen of the pockets are black and the other eighteen are red while the two slots which feature 0 and 00 are green colored. In regards to these slots, they are positioned at the cylinder’s opposite side like consecutive numbers and there are absolutely no adjacent same color numbers. The numbers counter-clockwise sequence on the American roulette wheel looks like this: 26, 3, 35, 12, 28, 7, 29 ,18 ,29 ,9, 31, 14, 20, 1, 33, 16, 24, 5, 10, 23, 8, 30, 11, 36, 13, 27, 6, 34, 17, 25, 2, 21, 4, 19, 15 and 32.

The Wheel Layout’s Logic

In both the European and American roulette, the numbers order on the wheel track is absolutely different than their arithmetic value and completely different for each of the two kinds of wheels.

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This is actually one of the secrets why the game of roulette is so astonishingly balanced game in theoretical aspect. The numbers succession on the wheel is perfectly organized so four different goals can be accomplished to prevent the best roulette strategies from being accomplished:
  • To confuse the player: it is so difficult for the new player to envision mentally the wheel and to comprehend the intricate relation of sectors and numbers. This makes it really hard to take a notice of any bias or to place a bet on specific sectors. An additional confusing thing could be the layout of the roulette table. It should be noted that roulette players with long experience know the wheel’s sequence of numbers by heart. This is usually accomplished from experience but as a player, you should always give your best try to create a mental image, to get a very good idea about where the numbers are positioned as soon as possible.
  • The colors have to totally alternate on the wheel: two consecutive numbers have to be with different colors. This is a firm rule for both kinds of wheels. In addition, the distribution of colors on the table has to be very balanced but this is a much less important thing.
  • The low (from one to eighteen) and the high (from nineteen to thirty-six) numbers have to alternate as much as possible. The only point in European roulette where the aforementioned condition is not met is the five next to ten. There are many sectors in the American wheel which have adjacent high numbers and adjacent low numbers. This is the reason why in many experts’ opinions the American wheel doesn’t have the perfect balance of the European.
  • Even and odd numbers have to be evenly distributed on the wheel and no more than two odd or even numbers could be adjacent to each other.

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Two Asymmetries of the European Roulette Layout

The European version of the game adds another factor to the best roulette strategies. If you separate the circle in two halves from the zero, on the left side you will see all the red high numbers and all the black low numbers. And on the right half, you will find all the low red numbers and all the high black numbers. In addition, in the 9 number sector 29-7-28-12-35-3-26-0-32 there is no any number from the second dozen.

Manufacturers of Roulettes

On the internet, there is a dominance of the European roulette and internet casinos offer mostly this type of wheel but in land based casinos this is not strictly the rule. The total of roulette wheel manufacturers is rising but there are just a few of them that are really reputable and prominent. One of the market leaders is Cammegh and it is a really impressive fact that it is an independent manufacturer, headquartered in Ashford, Kent. John Huxley is another important name in the business and not many people now that after their acquisition by the TCS concern, now the brand is named TCS John Huxley. And the third major manufacturer is Paul- Son, a very reputable company acquired by Gaming Partners.

Best Roulette Strategy – Kinds of Pockets

Those players who know the game of roulette thoroughly, do everything possible to enhance their profit margin and one great way to do it is by selecting the most suitable wheels for the best roulette strategies. You can find many theories about the methods used to gain a (dishonest) advantage over the house and some conclusions are worth taking into consideration.

The large number of manufacturers is a good explanation why we can find such a great roulette wheels diversity and why there is such a difference when it comes to the pockets. There is an emerging trend where most of the casinos use roulette wheels with shallow pockets, leading to wide ball scattering. And the pockets could be forged into a metal block or could be divided through the ingenuous use of metal frets.

Most of the roulette wheels even feature frets with the same height at the two ends but you can also find wheels with frets dropping towards the center. It is more difficult to guess where the ball will finally land as it is quite likely to jump the small gap to the next number.

best roulette strategies 888 bonusThe best roulette strategies requires that you take a look at the fret decline in the direction to the wheel’s center. This is one of the first wheels introduced in the history of roulette wheels.

Small but still even frets are more common and this is a kind of wheel that brick and mortar casinos prefer because of the game’s higher intensity. Balls jump quite often and even if they hit the pocket first, it is wrong to make the assumption that they will remain in place. When the frets are higher, it is more unlikely the balls to jump but on the other hand, casinos have the tendency to attract more adrenaline junkies.

The walls on the frets that are small and allowing jumping of the ball and sometimes skipping numbers next to the ball landing place attempt. There is a similar wheel with frets twice as tall, providing a sticky feeling of the wheel. In this case, when the ball hits the pocket it is unlikely to bounce out and if it does, it can fly out of the wheel.

Another kind of roulette wheel not conducive to ball jumping is the one with curved frets. It provides a compromise as the balls quite easily move from one number to another without remaining in the first landing pocket.

You can see the TCS Huxley Starburst wheel.  The best roulette strategies has the following advantage with it. The ball doesn’t jump as much as with the other wheels but, on the other hand, it bounces a lot and does not stay where it hit the wheel pocket first.

There are few roulette wheels without curve frets but have instead curve pockets with pretty much the same impact. The major difference is in the fact that the players don’t observe any kind of bouncing but being as much powerless in regards to predicting the final place of the ball. These kind of wheels are less common but are attracting attention quickly and the overall expectation is that more of them will appear in land based casinos.

You can see a Cammegh wheel featuring scalloped pockets. The ball jumps tend to a minimum despite that the scatter is quite big actually. The wheel is used at the MGM and the Venetian.

Manufacturers have the urge to choose new ways of changing the roulette wheel without altering the game itself. It is mandatory to keep it fair but also there is fun in the freedom to tinker with the pockets shape and size and the frets. The visual effects have an appeal but it is just the iceberg’s tip as each kind of roulette wheel and each option changes the outcome only a little. Roulette remains really unpredictable but pundits keep trying to find stable patterns.

Effect on the Game Play Which Deceleration Rates Have

best roulette strategies euRoulette has existed for centuries and will probably exist for a long time in future and it is logical to assume that the fans will keep trying to break its patterns and beat it somehow. However, no one can say which is the best roulette strategies. Throughout time, many people have attempted to find stable patterns and to take advantage of the game’s flaws. Currently, because manufacturers use high-tech instruments, roulette wheels are highly accurate and precise tools without malfunctioning and easy aging. Technology has removed most of the obstacles that gave casinos hard time but created new ones such as the problem of roulette deceleration.

Roulette deceleration is self-explanatory and is related to the gradually decreasing speed of the ball along the wheel until it makes a stop in a temporary resting place. There are constant attempts by the manufacturers to create roulette wheels without slow down and the dealers appreciate a lot their efforts. There is a great progress in this direction and the newest wheels are almost unaffected by deceleration.

Of course, in online roulette this is not a problem at all because the wheels are working computer software but the owners of brick and mortar casinos have another thing in mind. Slow down makes it harder for professional roulette players to take the best from the systems they have developed and because of this casinos love it. As roulette wheels age, deceleration is inevitable which means that time is always on casino’s side and against the system players. For a visual preview – check the basic infographic of the game.

About the Ball

best roulette strategies bonusAlways pay attention to the ball for the best roulette strategies. Roulette balls are made in proportion to the wheel’s dimensions and its number pockets. Reputable casinos use big wheels with a diameter of twenty-seven, thirty or thirty-two inches. In accordance, the balls are eighteen and twenty-one millimeters. Usually, in order to make the results even more random and unpredictable, the balls alternate between a small eighteen mm and large twenty-one mm once a day, where the unused ball stays on the roulette center’s top, waiting for its turn. The high-quality casino balls are made of ivory but Teflon is also a respected material.

We Reveal USA’s Best Online Casinos

While we Americans have fun with gambling quite often and don’t miss the opportunity to place a bet, we also highly value services that come with great quality and love playing with the ‘cream of the crop’ casinos. This is one of the reasons, the other being that instead of brick and mortar casinos, online playing is much more accessible and simple, that the question of which are USA’s top internet casinos and how to make a distinguishing between bad and good casino, attract more and more importance and popularity. Because there are hundreds, even thousands of gambling websites and how can you guess which one is reputable and which is simply unreliable? This is definitely the kind of issues we will cover in this article and we will offer you our unbiased, full of important facts ranking of the best internet casinos and we start with the first place occupant – 888 casino.

Before delving deeply into the relation of these topics to the best roulette strategies, we want to assure you that all the featured on this page casinos and on our website are strictly regulated and licensed. Which means that if you select any of our recommended operators, there is a certainty of fair and safe gaming experience, and prompt payout of all your winnings. And this is what a casino player really needs.

A Glance at The Top Five Casinos

The first thing that we did about filtering out some of the casinos taken into consideration for our ranking, was to see if they had a license or not. Of course, the operators that failed to provide a proof of regulation and authorization by a reputable gambling body were taken out of further consideration. The next step was to give each operator a distinctive mark for their games, software platforms, certifications, bonuses and payout percentage. After a careful calculation of their average score and the chances to apply the best roulette strategies possible, the result was that the best five internet casinos in the USA are:

best roulette strategiesDespite that 888 casino is the overall best-rated internet casino, the other inclusions possess very positive features and are totally worth trying. For instance, Betfair which takes the number two in our list of the best ten internet casinos to choose from has a really unique offer for the new players. At this casino, all new players are presented with the option to select from three various welcome bonus offers. However, the third best-rated casino by us provide an astonishingly diverse choice of games and an abundant promotion calendar with many daily bonus offers. If you want to get an additional information about these and other wonderful online casinos on our top ten list, then we really recommend you to read our reviews. You can discover a complete list of comprehensive casino reviews on this page. There you will get all the needed information about the bonuses, games and software that these companies provide and you will get the answers to the most commonly asked questions about them.

888 Casino is Overall the Top Casino Website in the USA

In order to rank all the legitimate gambling sites in the USA and select the ten best out of them, we have done a thorough check of their certifications, assessed their bonus offers and individually tested their software and in the meantime have taken a notice whether mid-promotion is changed by the terms and conditions. All so that you know where to apply the best roulette strategies. We have also spoken with many players about their individual experiences with the various operators and took their opinions into consideration. At the end of this exhausting quest, it was evident that 888 casino surpasses greatly their competitors when it comes to both quantity and quality and undoubtedly takes the first place in our list. in addition, 888 casino has been proclaimed ‘Casino Operator if the Year’ many times by the EGR awards and many fellow professional reviewers have ranked it a number one casino. Keep reading to discover why 888 stands out among all other best internet casinos or just give them a try! The Double Ball roulette game is the only feature missing for now.

Positive Aspects of Using a Reputable and Totally Safe and Secure Online Casino

Americans love gambling so much that in some situations they are plain reckless with their money and individual information, especially when playing on the internet, without thinking about the best roulette strategies. We see a juicy offer and instantly click on the ‘sign-up’ button forgetting completely our security or the hidden implications. It is a concrete fact that most gamblers don’t really know the importance of playing exclusively at secure and reputable internet casinos and always avoiding the ones that seem suspicious. In their opinion, there is no much difference between illegal and legal internet casinos and this is the reason why they don’t even check if the websites they are using are trustworthy and reliable. Here are all important features they can access when selecting only a casino with great reputation:

best roulette strategies wheelIn addition to the best roulette strategies, the top internet casinos provide their players with bonuses that come with much better conditions than those provided by the illegitimate operators. For example, is it of any use to get a five hundred percent bonus for up to three thousand pounds if according to terms and conditions it has to be wagered hundred and fifty times in order to make a withdrawal. Because the wagering requirements of the online casinos with official licenses are most of the times between thirty and forty times the bonus amount. And not just this, all legal casinos give the opportunity to their customers to wager their bonuses on many games: roulette, blackjack and slots. Despite providing more lucid and better bonus options, the trustworthy casino operators make all outgoing and incoming payments encrypted so that the bank and individual information is secured from third-party attacks. On the other hand, if such a problem occurs, all reputable and legal internet casinos provide a wonderful customer support that could be accessed 24/7. The ways of contacting the support team are usually three: live chat, e-mail and phone, where the first one is the overall favorite of the players, especially to fans of immersive gaming.

The Other Wonderful Options

Undoubtedly, you can find more than five wonderful casino websites on the US market for the best roulette strategies. There are many websites with a great reputation and every single one of them could be the top option for you depending on what your preferences are. Now you can take a look at our newest additions in our casino list:

  • interCasino was quite recently included in our list of recommended websites but we have considered it for a long time for sure. The major reason is that this operator offers a lot of games from various software providers and its selection is superb and unique. In addition, their website is responsive and intuitive allowing you to play from all kinds of devices, smartphones included.
  • We have included Leo Vegas in our ranking for reasons quite similar to those about InterCasino. Leo Vegas is one of the latest casino websites in the field but they have established themselves as a prominent name and certainly in regards to their mobile platform. Leo Vegas is actually the internet casino offering the highest number of mobile games – over two hundred and eighty. On top of that, they offer a wonderful live games selection and many games from prominent developers, such as Microgaming and NetEnt.

Our Experience with Rogue Internet Vasinos and Online Fraud

best roulette strategies americanYou have most likely already taken a notice that to us, safety and security are crucial in terms of the best roulette strategies. You may ask why. And the answer is because all of us have been playing online games for real money for quite a long time and despite that these days the situation is much better as fifteen years ago when online casinos were a pretty new thing, we have experienced enough and simply can’t disregard the importance of safety and licensing. Each one of us has been a victim of more or less conspicuous frauds and we know how hurtful it could be to work against them. In the following sections we will let you know about some of the problems we have stumbled on when using illegal gambling websites:

Manipulated Games

Everybody is acquainted about the notorious bad luck…in this situation, So how does the best roulette strategies work in this case? Two things have to be taken into account about the french gaming machine the deviations from the expected probabilities for the players to win and the house edge. On the one hand, the house edge makes sure that the casino will always win in the long run, on the other, the major deviations from the expected results could drive you crazy. One day it is so easy and it seems like at last, you are winning and on the next day, nothing goes like it should anymore. You start to think that there is a fraudulent activity by the casino, but can you prove it? The answer is yes but in some cases only. You need to assess a really big number of spins or hands before making a serious statement in regards to the corresponding of outcomes to the mathematical probabilities. For instance, if you evaluate the outcomes of a thousand roulette spins, the distribution of blacks and reds has to be close to fifty –fifty and don’t forget the zero. If you get reds about seventy percent of the time it means that for sure there is something suspicious about the casino you are using and your concern is totally logical. A similar situation has occurred in our experience and it was very unpleasant for sure. What could be done in order to avoid such cases? The answer is simple: play only at gambling websites with an official license. By law, independent testing agencies audit such casinos regularly and because of this, it is impossible the games to be manipulated even if the operators want to do that.

Bonus Rules Which are Unfair

best roulette strategies pockets ballAll online casinos offer specific terms and conditions with their bonus offers. This has a lot to do with the best roulette strategies. The idea of the conditions is to prevent the bonus amount to be withdrawn immediately since the bonuses goal is to provide the players with the opportunity to play more. In the initial stage of the experience of online gambling, I didn’t know these rules and it was very surprising and honestly quite upsetting to not being able to withdraw my bonus immediately. Then I discovered that it is very popular practice even among the best internet casinos and in most of the times you should wager your bonus amount at least thirty or even forty times before being able to make a withdrawal. I was starting to calm down when I found out that the casinos I was using had a playthrough requirement of hundred and fifty times! It was absolutely ridiculous. I phoned their customer support to inform them that I would renounce my bonus and simply demanded my deposit back but my request was declined. At the end, I accepted the fact that I had to play my bonus hundred and fifty times but in two days the conditions were altered again and in fact, I had to play the bonus even more times…finally, I was not able to do anything but bid my money farewell and switch to another online casino.

Accounts Suspended for Arbitrary Reasons

This is another option for fraudulent casinos to trick you and prevent the best roulette strategies form working. You register at an online casino, you play for some time, you lose some money for some period and on one special day, you win a lot of money which completely erases the previous bad luck. And even though the casino accepted you warmly, was quite supportive while you were losing money and making deposits, as soon as you win, they suddenly decide to close your account. You ask them why and they answer you with an incoherent motive and payout denial. The only option for you in such situation is to forward a complaint to the Gambling authority under which the casino operates but unfortunately, no one will protect you if the casino is not licensed.

We have learned one main thing from our experience: it is much better safe than sorry! Most of the times the top internet casinos provide slightly lower offers but this is just because they represent reality and they, in fact, give you your winnings. So our best advice to you is: always choose the legal operators. This way you will be exempt from fraud related headaches and you will have the opportunity to relish the experience of playing online casino games for real money without having any problems.

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