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The Best Three Immersive Roulette Online Casinos

The Immersive Roulette was first launched in 2014 by Evolution Gaming and it has already been established as the pinnacle of the live casino experience. Before the advent of this version of the Roulette, hosting live roulette involved playing with a croupier located two-three meters away from the camera which was usually logical because this is the distance you also get in a real life.

On the other hand, a specific part of the general user experience is being lost in translation when you deal on such level, the dealer that is often on the other side of the country, or in another country, can’t connect with the player in the same way that a dealer in the same room is able, so it is great that unlike traditional casino technology, the internet is constantly moving ahead and the game of Immersive Roulette brings you closer than ever to the dealer and the wheel.

Spin the Roulette for Immersive Betting

There is actually nothing new about the game – it is a regular European roulette, but the experience is entirely different. You are offered close-ups of the dealer and the wheel from various camera angles, all wonderfully lit and brought to the best possible standards which provide a great difference.

immersive roulette wheelThe general player interface, which means the option setting and the betting grid – have also been altered and we can confidently say that now there is a live roulette option rivalling the superbly hosted games on Sky from Jackpot 247 and Supercasino. Moreover, you will get much more personal attention from Evolution’s dealers and have much more enjoyable experience.

Each casino sets its own betting limits but for Immersive Roulette they remain as affordable as they are for the other live games, so it means it is really worth to give it a try and certainly you can gain something. However, unfortunately, it is not a regular option at many of the best casinos because the live casino product by Evolution has to compete with the version by Playtech. Playtech are really good at tempting popular casino brands to use the software they provide and enter their games into another channel, although when it comes to live roulette, the games are too similar to each other to allow two sets of live games together so several prominent names have had to cancel their Evolution gaming live casino feed.

It would take some time for a research, because there are many online casinos with great reputation providing Roulette for Immersive Gaming. We can gladly save you this effort because we have chosen the top ones for you:

William Hill Casino

William Hill casino offers a great variety of live roulette games (including the french version) and you can have fun with Immersive Roulette sessions from one to ten thousand pounds a spin. They also offer you a 325 new player bonus which is very simple to claim:

  • Sign up at William Hill live casino
  • Make a deposit and wager twenty-five pounds or more on a live game
  • Afterward wager your deposit amount eight times over and you can get the twenty-five pounds, with no additional playthrough requirements.

Mr Green Online Casino

immersive roulette liveMr Green casino allows you to play from 50p to five hundred pounds a spin, and they are also offering you five pounds free and up to three hundred and fifty pounds bonus cash. In order to claim it:

  • Sign up at Mr Green and automatically your free five pounds will appear
  • Deposit your first real money
  • This action will instantly attract a hundred percent welcome bonus for up to three hundred and fifty pounds.

Grosvenor Online Casino

The profitable land-based casino operator Grosvenor are familiar with many things about live casino operation and it is not surprising to learn that they have introduced Immersive Roulette as well. You are allowed to play from 50p to twenty thousand a spin and you can get twenty pounds free if you follow these three simple steps:

  • Sign up at Grosvenor casino
  • Make a deposit of twenty pounds
  • Wager your deposit five times over and you will be offered another twenty free pounds with no additional playthrough requirements.

You should definitely try a Roulette for Immersive Gaming and you will be happy about it. You can choose to play for low takes but despite that, you will always be treated like a VIP.

Immersive Roulette by Evolution Gaming

A world class inclusion from Evolution gaming, the roulette for immersive betting is a unique superb quality game that attracts all players and throws them into action. It is also perfect for attracting new customers to your website and to cross promoting the special thrill of live roulette to sportsbook and RNG players.

By employing Hollywood kind of multiple cameras, this highly developed live roulette version brings players into the central action. When the live dealer is spinning the wheel, players are able to see and track each of the ball’s movements – all shown in two hundred frames per second high definition video which comes with a slow motion replay of the winning number color when the ball eventually settles in its landing place.

The Immersive Roulette got the EGR’s Game of the year award for 2014, voted by operators from the sector.

Immersive Lite by Evolution Gaming

immersive rouletteImmersive Lite gives licensees the opportunity to add the multiple camera Immersive feeling to their Evolution Live roulette tables. It’s also available for double ball gamesThere is the entirely customizable Lite studio set up. Licensees should just select the total number of cameras, the angles for shots and in cases when licensees provide multiple dedicated tables, short cutaway shots of the other tables enhance the atmosphere of the live casino.

Immersive Lite skips the slow motion replays of the regular full Immersive Roulette option but offers an additional dynamism and attraction to your dedicated table of Live roulette.

Advantages of the Roulette for Immersive Gaming

  • A very different and enjoyable live dealer experience
  • Live multiple camera action with added live dealer commentary
  • Superb HD video
  • The visual confirmation of the result is enhanced by the slow motion replays
  • Wonderful graphics of statistics
  • Additional entertainment value for all Roulette fans

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