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Welcome to our guide to the best roulette strategies

When it comes to the best roulette strategies, on this page, you can find a complete and thorough list of the various methods, as well as many roulette tips and other very useful information.

The best roulette strategies explained

When it comes to each roulette strategy, we have paid special attention to the rules, the progressions, the odds of a losing run and all the math about them. We encourage you to try them out by playing the free roulette games as much as you want.

Before we go into detail about the different strategies, we should clarify a few things. Roulette is a perfect game for the casino, mathematically viewed. The house edge for a one zero European roulette is 2.7 percent and for the double zero American version, it is 5.26 percent.

The only way to find the best roulette strategy which guarantees effectiveness over the long term is to somehow eliminate the house edge and turn the odds against the casino and in your favor. Of course, this could exist only in someone’s imagination.

The best roulette strategy without false promises and hype

You have looked on the web for roulette systems before and you have quite likely seen that there is a lot of plain crap out there with many sites writing about ‘exploit casino flaws’, ‘guaranteed to win’, best-winning systems’, even ‘win cash on autopilot’ and many more similar absurdities.

We can assure you that we will not give you any of this junk on this page, only real tips, no false promises, and hype. When it comes to the top roulette system, you can read more about these software programs and systems ‘guaranteeing’ easy winnings in our reviews.

There isn't a risk-free roulette strategyThe main objective of the strategies is most of all to manage your bankroll and also to improve your odds of winning by wagering large to win small. For instance, several of the methods that are going to be mentioned involve the increasing of your bets after a loss and slowly increasing them until you win.

When you do this, you are wagering big amounts (the wagers added together after every loss) in order to win a tiny amount because when you cover your previous losses, you will get only a small profit. Very often, when you use progressive systems, you bet hundreds of dollars just to win one dollar.

Something else to keep in mind is that your winning sessions will be more than the losing ones, but the wins will be small, and when you lose, you will have much bigger losses than your wins. It is because of the gambling psychology, roulette is not different from other games at this point.

When you consider all this, take a look at the various roulette strategies. We cannot say that this list is conclusive, we add new information to it and new ideas. Keep reading to find if there is an answer to the question how to win at roulette and if you can find the best system.

Various systems


How to Use the Martingale Strategy in Roulette?This system involves increasing your bets after loss until you win. It is regularly used on black or red but you can apply it all over the table if you happen to have the correct progression. Not just that we have gone through each bet we also have tables that show the overall loss at every stage and we have also shown you the odds of finding yourself on a quite bad losing run: ten consecutive reds when you are wagering on black.

Reverse Martingale roulette system

This is also popular as ‘Paroli’ and it is a positive progression system in which you increase your wagers after a win hoping of going on a winning streak while on the other hand keeping your losses at a minimum level when you find yourself on a losing run.


How to Use the D'Alembert Strategy in Roulette?This is a roulette strategy based on bets with an even chance. It is a comparatively safe system (there is always some risk, though, after all, this is gambling) and within its frame, if you have an equal number of wins and losses, you will eventually have a decent win.

Reverse D’Alembert roulette system

This system is the opposite of the previous. The major disadvantage is that you have to have more wins than losses in order to eventually win.


A really interesting roulette strategy using a slower progression rate than the Martingale, with it you win back losses over several spins that are winning rather than just one. With it, it is possible to have quite more losing spins and still finish on top, of course, if you do not suffer an extended losing run over a short period.

How to use Fibonacci roulette strategy
Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Bet ($) 1 1 2 3 5 2 3 5 2 3
Outcome Loss (-1) Loss (-1) Loss (-2) Loss (-3) Win (+10) Loss (-2) Loss (-3) Win (+10) Loss (-2) Win (+6)
Balance ($) -1 -2 -4 -7 3 1 -2 8 6 12

Reverse Fibonacci roulette system

The opposite of the previous one and at least in our opinion – not the best roulette strategy.


This roulette system is in some cases called the cancellation method since with it you construct your own betting line and as you win, you cancel numbers off it. It is a little more sophisticated than most of the other roulette strategies and may require some practice in order to get into it.

Cover the table roulette system

Further on this page about how to win in roulette, we write about several various ways of covering big portions of the roulette table, such as wagering on thirty-five numbers, wagering on seventeen splits and others.

Flat betting

Roulette flat betting explainedFurther, on this page, we write about the advantages and disadvantages of flat betting. Essentially, flat betting is betting just one amount on each spin, no progression.

Oscar’s Grind roulette system

This is a black/red system that is played in stages of four and its aim is to get a profit of one unit for every betting cycle. The bets are increased after each win, and they stay the same after a loss.

Red and black

In this part of our review, you can find various tips and strategies that relate to red and black, which are the most common bets.

Dozens and columns

Dozens and columns betting is very popular roulette strategyThere are two betting systems that you can use on either the columns or the dozens. The first has been designed for betting on only one column or a dozen and the second is for betting on two simultaneously.

James Bond

This system is used by James Bond, in the novels, not in the films. In this roulette system, two-thirds of the table are covered, plus the zero. You can describe it as another roulette strategy for covering the table.

FOBT roulette system

The abbreviation means “fixed odds betting terminal”, you can find these machines at many bookmakers, and this is a quite successful business. The question is whether any systems can be applied specifically to them and whether or not there is an option of cheating them. It is not.

Roulette computers

These are devices for cheating that can only be used in land-based casinos. Undoubtedly, using an effective computer is the easiest and the best way of winning at roulette, although it is very difficult to find such a device. Moreover, in many jurisdictions and countries, these computers are illegal, and you can go to jail for using one. In other words, we do not recommend them.

Tips for Roulette

Useful roulette tips for intermediate playersWe have collected eight tips that can help novices or intermediate players. There is nothing groundbreaking and new in them, but they are the top collection of roulette tips that can be found online. The main reason is that we are realistic and have not made false claims like other sites – we only give practical tips for a better understanding of the game.

Review of the best roulette system

We have all noticed them: methods promising a fortune and easy money that come with claims like “5000 dollars per day”, “guaranteed to win” and similar absurdities.

In this section, we have reviewed different roulette systems and software programs that are given for free or sold. As a general rule, we have only added reviews if the creator of the system has claimed that you can beat roulette with the particular system or if the system has an asking price.

Is there a roulette system that can beat the game?

Roulette strategies, systems, and tipsAs we have already mentioned it many times, there is no actual way that a certain betting system can beat a certain casino game over a long period unless it somehow switches the odds of the game in favor of the player. Roulette is no different from the general rule, no matter what the sites tell you.

If you want to get a useful information about strategies without false promises and hype, check out our list.

The “roulette sniper”

The “roulette sniper” is software programA very lucrative software program for its author that has accomplished quite high sales since 2007. At present, it is quite outdated and is very far from the previous hype.

The “roulette assault”

Comes from the developer of the roulette sniper. An automated betting software that adjusts automatically to the user’s settings. It is very unlikely to win any considerable money over a long period with it, but it is quite better than roulette sniper and you can use it to test the limited systems that are set in its code.

Roulette systems to be avoided

The “roulette bot plus” Roulette systems to be avoided

This is a quite popular scam promoted as a simple and free way of making money that often comes in the shape of annoying pop-ups. It might sound convincing to some people who are confused, but if you have any practical sense, just avoid it.

The “roulette secrets uncovered”

A website providing free systems. Its author has claimed that he is a freelance consultant of casino software and that he can exploit flaws. A hundred percent nonsense on this site.

The “world best roulette system”

A quite convincing website telling its readers what they would like to hear but after all, just one of the many frauds. There is no chance to win real money with it, despite that it wins every time when you play in fun mode. Just avoid it.

The “roulette killer”

One of the many websites with a lot of hype about some young guy that wins easy cash from internet casinos, there are even pictures of Porsche 911 turbo and a loaded bank balance. It is a software program based on predictions for the outside bets off of the last ten spins. It just does not work.

The “roulette bot pro”

Do not confuse it with the similarly sounding roulette bot plus. This one is an automated software program quite similar to roulette assault but more expensive, and just like all software programs, it is very unlikely to win with it over a long period of play.

The “money maker machine”

Although not having the best name, this is a collection of automated software programs, much more user configurable than all the other software programs. In some situations, the single limit to the roulette systems these programs can use is the imagination of the player. These are the best software programs you can find, but still, it does not mean you can win with them.

The “roulette number”

A software program betting on single numbers and utilizing a slow progression with the increase of bets by only one cent when it is necessary. It is a quite convincing site with many “proofs” of winnings, but it does not meet its expectations.

The “sumorobo”

In general, it is a copy of roulette bot plus. Both sites have the same appearance, the same claims and also the same “business model”. Overall, this is just another scam disguised as a software program that can help you win.

The “roulette exploit”

Another site claiming that there are online casinos you can exploit and thus win an easy money. They even tell you to lose on purpose from time to time, so you can remain undetected and blend in… all they say is a total lie.

The “roulette wizard”

The site claims that you can win five hundred dollars per day at internet casinos using their system, a system with 98.88% success rate. Just another scam to be avoided.

The “roulette software”

When it comes to software programs, we talk more about their history, how they appeared, what is their business model and why after all, they simply do not work.

Roulette strategies, systems, and tips

Best roulette strategies are created by the sharpest mindsMany of the sharpest minds living in the past two centuries have studied roulette and the history of roulette. Their primary goal was creating the best roulette strategy for beating the game. As we have already mentioned on this page, the American roulette’s house edge is 5.26% (excluding the 0-00-1-2-3 combo where the house edge is increased to 7.89%). Therefore, flawless roulette systems do not exist. There is a rumor that Einstein, after a painstaking study of roulette, has declared that the only realistic way to winning this game was to steal the money when the dealer is not paying attention.

The table of roulette provides you with plenty of betting options. There are many strategies which more experienced players employ to conserve their chips and hedge their bets. In the following part, we give an explanation to three of the best roulette strategies. In order to make use of them, you have to understand both outside and inside bets.

Can you win and how if yes?

First of all, we will start with the bad news. There are no betting roulette systems that can give you a profit over a long period that you can rely on. The D’Alembert, Labouchere, Martingale and other commonly used methods come with their flaws. We have been playing roulette for a long time and have made use of all these systems. Yes, they can help you win over a short period, but over the long run, the house edge will prevail.

How to win in casino online roulette?

Considering this, there are very few strategies that can be used to hedge your bets and potentially come out as a winner. Here we will tell you how your money can last a little longer and how you can have a better chance to win at the game of roulette.

In the double zero American roulette, the house edge is 5.26%. You cannot change that. Consider it like this:

The wheel has thirty-eight slots. You get paid one to one (or even money) when you hit a black number or a red number, depending on which color you have chosen to place your bet on. For example, you are betting on black for thirty-eight spins. The ball hits either black or red almost every time. The only exception is when it lands on double zero or zero. And that is where the house edge is 5.26%.

It is inescapable that over hundreds of spins, the 5.26% edge will appear. There is no way to avoid that. So, the question is, how can you win? The basic answer is to stay ahead of the edge and to know when just to stop.

For instance, suppose you are betting black, and you win on ten consecutive spins. Then you are ahead of the house edge. If you continue spinning tens of thousands of times, it is sure that your profit will erode. Keep in mind, the house edge will always appear, it just takes time. It means that if you want to win this game, you have to know when to stop.

Understand the power of chance

It is spinning and spinning and nobody knows where it will stop.

Understand the power of chance in rouletteGamblers have the penchant for gravitating towards certain systems, even when those systems are simply imaginary. The same rule applies to the fans of roulette. On many occasions, players are convinced that a particular number or color is “due”. For instance, after the ball has rested on 6 red numbers on a row, the player could believe that a black number is coming right away. You should not allow yourself to fall into this illusion. Similar to flipping a coin, it is just random, it does not matter what has turned previously, the likelihood for the next turns remain the same as always. Roulette is simply random.

On the other hand, there are many existing roulette methods, and now we will give you a prospect of them.

One of these strategies is double streets and quads.

The goal of this strategy is to get your chip coverage spread while providing yourself with a realistic option to win. That is how this strategy works:

How to use double street and quads strategyYou will bet two chips on two double streets. You will also bet one chip on a corner bet or quad. In the end, you will bet one chip on a particular number. As a total, on the board, you will have ten chips that cover seventeen numbers.

Take a look at this example of how your overall wager can look:

  • First double street is covered: four, five, six, seven, eight, nine
  • The second double street is covered: sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one.
  • A quad (or corner) is covered: twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine.
  • A straight up number is covered: thirty-four.

Let’s suppose that the ball lands on six. Since the double street bet pays you out five to one, your two chip bet returns ten chips. You win six because four chips are “sacrificed” to other bets on the quad, double street and straight up number.

Let’s suppose that the ball stops on twenty-eight. A quad wager usually pays out eight to one, which means that your one chip bet returns eight and you profit three.

In case the ball rests on thirty-four, the one chip bet will return thirty-five and you will win thirty. Let us proceed further on our page about roulette strategies, top roulette strategy and roulette tips.

Another one of the strategies is multiple corners – you should cover much of the board

This strategy allows you to cover an even larger part of the numbers than the previous roulette strategy.

That is how this strategy works:

How to use multiple corners roulette strategy You will wager one chip on each of six corner wagers, and one chip on a particular number that has not been covered by a corner wager. This allows you to cover twenty-one numbers. To understand your coverage better, think about this example:

  • The first corner is covered: one, two, four, five.
  • The second corner is covered: eight, nine, eleven, twelve.
  • The third corner is covered: thirteen, fourteen, sixteen, seventeen.
  • The fourth corner is covered: twenty, twenty-one, twenty-three, twenty-four.
  • The fifth corner is covered: twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-eight, twenty-nine.
  • The Sixth corner is covered: thirty-two, thirty-three, thirty-five, thirty-six.

In case the ball rests on any number within the six corner wagers, your one chip bet will return nine chips. Since you will sacrifice six chips to the other wagers (the straight up number and the remaining four corner bets), you will win three chips.

The next one of the roulette strategies is wagering on columns one and three

This strategy is basically about giving you insurance by combining outside and inside bets. That is how this strategy works:

You will wager two chips on column one and two chips on column three. This way, you will cover all but four numbers. In order to hedge your overall wager, you will also put two chips on black and this way you will cover most of the second column.

If the ball rests on any red number in the third or first columns, then you will come out even. If the ball lands on one of the four red numbers in the second column, then you will lose the six chip bet. If the ball rests on a black number in the second column, then you will lose two chips. And finally, in case the ball rests on a black number in the third or first columns, you profit four chips.

Yes, it is not one of the most exciting strategies, but with it, you can play for a long period and your money could last longer. If for example, you are playing at a land-based casino, it is a sure way to get some free drinks and prolong your good time.

The Martingale method – double up strategy

The safest way for doubling your money is just to fold it over and then put in your pocket – Kin Hubbard.

This strategy is one of the most commonly used. It is based on the Martingale roulette system. In essence, it works by doubling your wager whenever you lose. Supposedly, with it, you will win back all what you have lost and add a small profit. The problem is, that when you have a bad streak, your losses can add up quite quickly. If you want to take a look at how the betting sequence can work, see our page about the roulette doubling strategy, or the Martingale.

The games of chance have a group of fans subscribing to one or more than one betting systems. There are a number of roulette strategies offering a systematic way for placing bets. One of the most commonly used ways is one of the oldest: the double strategy of roulette.

It is quite often called the Martingale system, this roulette double strategy has the purpose of attempting to help the players win back their losses and make some additional profits. Is this the top roulette strategy? Here, we will give you an explanation how this system works, show its basic limitations and let you have the final decision whether it is suitable for you in sites such as Bovada Casino.

How to win in roulette – How the double up roulette strategy works

How the double up roulette strategy worksThis system relies on doubling each losing bet. Supposedly, if you do this, in the end, you will earn a profit that equals your initial wager. The double up strategy comes with two assumptions. The first is that you have to limit your bets to “even money” wagers. The second is that your table has to allow a maximum betting limit that is high enough for accommodating losing streaks. This is usually done with black or red wagers or even or odd.

Take a look at this example:

Your first wager is ten dollars on red.

In case the ball rests on a black number, then you would double the next wager to twenty dollars. If you were to lose that bet, you would double the next wager to forty dollars. If you were to lose once again, your next wager would be eighty dollars. And so on.

Suppose that you lose your initial two wagers. You now wager forty dollars, and luckily, you win. The forty dollars would compensate you for the ten dollars and twenty dollars losses that you had from the previous two wagers. In addition, you will have a ten dollars profit that is equal to your first wager.

One of the basic problems of the double strategy of roulette is that very quickly you will bump against the maximum wagering limit of the table. When you reach the eighth wager, you will have doubled up to six hundred and forty dollars. Another main problem is that you have to chase a percentage return that is dwindling. For instance, if you were to win the six hundred and forty dollars wager, the overall profit you would have comes to only ten dollars – that equals your initial wager.

When it comes to roulette tips and the best roulette strategies, the double up strategy is a very good way of playing roulette.

Where can you try the roulette double strategy?

Thousands of players have chosen it as the top roulette system and use it exclusively. However, it should be noted that this best roulette strategy does not reduce the house edge or the odds over the long playing period. The statistics and examples are clear.

We suggest that you try the double strategy of roulette at Bovada Casino. You have the option to download their free software or to play online for free directly in browser mode. You will have a great fun with a total flexibility – you can start playing with virtual money and then place real money wagers when you feel ready for it.

You can try the double up strategy of roulette and see if you are successful with it. It takes just a minute to get started.

Roulette systems

The players have been using systems for many generations. Their purpose is to change the house edge and give the players a considerable advantage. This systems’ attempt is to alter roulette from a pure chance game to a quite predictable generator of profits. The hard truth, however, is that besides wheel biases (balancing issues, worn tracks), the game of roulette is completely based on chance.

Despite that, there are many systems that players adhere to hoping of enhancing their odds. In the following part, we offer you a short overview of the most commonly used roulette betting systems.

The Martingale system

This system is used in many casino games, and its definitive appearance is in roulette. It relies on doubling each losing wager until you eventually win. Let’s suppose that you wager ten dollars on red. The ball rests on a black number, and you lose your wager. According to the Martingale system, you should wager twenty dollars on red. If you lose this time as well, you have to wager forty dollars on red.

Martingale strategy relies on doubling each losing wager

When you eventually win, your doubled wager will be a compensation for all the previous losses and provide you with a small profit. For instance, in case you win the forty dollars wager, the forty dollars profit will be a compensation for the ten and twenty dollars losses and will give you a ten dollars profit.

The basic problem is that streaks of losing wagers can drain your bankroll very quickly. Keep in mind that the ball is not “due” to rest on red just because it has rested on black seven consecutive times. Beginning with a ten dollars first wager, your eighth wager would be six hundred and forty which very likely will be over the maximum wagering limit of the table. In addition, at such a level, you are risking a lot of money for the chance of getting just a marginal win.

The Grand Martingale systems of roulette

Contrary to the respectfully sounding name, the Grand Martingale system is an exacerbation of the already described problem. The main difference with using this roulette system is that another betting unit is added to the doubled wager.

Let us take a look again at the original Martingale system. If you lose your first ten dollars wager, you would then double it and also add five more dollars for a total wager of twenty-five dollars. If you were then to lose the twenty-five dollars wager, you should double it and also add five more dollars (fifty-five dollars total). While there are many players who think that the Grand Martingale increases their chance of winning back their losses, it more often accelerates them. Let us proceed further on our page about roulette strategies, best roulette strategy and roulette tips.

The Labouchere system

This is one of the roulette strategies that is quite more flexible than the Martingale systems. First, you decide on the sum of money you want to win. Then, you make a series of random numbers adding up to the winning sum that you desire. Next, you decide on your bet by adding those numbers on your numbered series’ ends. You would bet that sum on any wager that pays even money.

How to use The Labouchere system
Bet No Sequance Stake Losses Winnings
1 1 1 1 3 2 2 3 3 0
2 1 1 1 3 2 2 3 4 0 4
3 1 1 3 2 2 3 0 3
4 1 3 2 3 3 0
5 1 3 2 3 4 0 4
6 3 2 5 0 5
Total 22 6 16

In case you win, you would then cross out the two numbers on your series’ ends and then use the left two ending numbers for determining the sum of your next bet. In case you lose, you would add your losing bet sum as a number on your numbered series’ end.

We know that it sounds a bit confusing, so here is one example:

Let us suppose that you would like to win eighteen dollars (the first step is selecting the dollar figure). In order to match the eighteen dollars, you make the series two-three-six-seven. Your initial bet would be nine dollars (or two plus seven) which then would be placed on an “even money” wager such as black/red or even/odd.

In case you win, you will then cross out the two and seven. Your next bet would be nine dollars (or three plus six) and would be put on another “even money” wager. Were you to win that wager, you would then cross out the three and six, and then start over with a new numbers series.

However, let us suppose you have lost your first nine dollars wager. Then, you would add nine to your numbered series (i.e two-three-six-seven-nine). Your next bet would be eleven dollars (or two plus nine) on an “even money” wager. And on and on until you have cleared your series.

D’Alembert systems of roulette

Many players of roulette like the D’Alembert roulette system because it is very simple. This system is based on a progressive pyramid of bets. You would lower your wager by a set sum (i.e. one dollar, five dollars) every time your previous wager won. However, you would increase your wager by the same sum every time your previous wager lost.

For instance, let us suppose you start with a ten dollars bet on black. If the ball rests on a red number, your next wager would be eleven dollars. In case the ball rested on a black number, your next wager would be nine dollars.

It is not very exciting, but your losses will not increase as fast.

How to use D’Alembert system
Bet No Bet Amount Losses Winnings Total
1 1 1 -1
2 2 2 -3
3 3 3 -6
4 4 4 -10
5 5 5 -5
6 4 4 -1
7 3 3 +2
8 2 2 +4
9 1 1 +5

Exploit of live roulette – the bias of mechanical wheel

In 1982, American players of roulette were able to exploit some mechanical tendencies in the roulette wheels in English casinos. The precise sum of their winnings is not known, but it was significant. In 1986 several players won the Golden Nugget at Atlantic City for almost four million dollars because of similar mechanical biases. A multitude of keen gamblers is always looking for a roulette wheel bias they can rely on. If such a thing can be found and exploited, it can possibly lead to millions of dollars profit.

Now, we will explain what can cause a roulette wheel bias. We will also explain why such biases are nonexistent when you play the roulette online.

What is a roulette wheel bias?

What is a roulette wheel bias?The wheels of roulette are mechanically designed. In opposition to slot machines which are controlled by microprocessors, the roulette wheels are made of wood, metal, and synthetics. They last against tear and wear over a long period of time. The frets separating the numbered slots get worn; inconsistencies appear on the track where the wheel spins; the wheel starts to tilt a bit. All of these can be the cause of a roulette wheel bias.

Such a bias can expose the casino to players tracking biases. After a careful studying of a particular wheel for thousands of spins, some players can recognize certain tendencies and use them for improving their odds. For instance, a barely visible tilt can increase the chance of a ball resting on a number in one wheel’s section. As a consequence, observant players will alter their wagering strategy to take advantage of that.

Can you find a wheel bias in online roulette?

At the end of our page about strategies, we should say that since such biases are based on mechanical parts that lose calibration or get worn, they cannot be found in the online game. When you play online roulette, your experience is run by a computer program. Despite that, you can still have a very pleasant experience in playing online roulette.