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The New Roulette Game of Double Ball Roulette

Double Ball Roulette proves that there has been a great development of the betting game since its invention in 1655 by the French philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal. These days, whenever you browse the gaming field, you will discover roulette in multiple options. From single zero European roulette at the abundant Monte Carlo casino which launched its business in 1858 to the double zero American roulette offered by the huge Bellagio with its hundred and sixteen thousand square feet gaming space which launched its business in 1998, roulette comes in many kinds.

And everything becomes much more curious when you enter the internet casino world. Owing to fewer restrictions and more ability to adjust certain features of the game, there is an ever increasing variety of games to appeal to the multitude of gamblers playing online and on their mobile devices each day. It is an astonishing fact that, according to Statista, in 2015 the global internet gaming market was valued at forty-five billion US dollars and according to Nielsen Scarborough, seventy-eight million Americans played online last year.

More Options and More Players

double ball roulette gameThe development of internet gaming has brought a fresh air of variety in the field with the game of Double Ball Roulette. Since more and more new players are entering the action – there are sixty-one million social casino players in the USA playing free games, the developers of games have been pushed to attract more variable tastes that they previously had to appeal to. The outcome of this is higher innovation in the field of roulette. It has also stirred more roulette strategy polemics, not all of which are actually useful to the novice player.

Logically, all new options must be according to the general rules of roulette. First, you must have the famous wheel and between thirty-seven and thirty-eight numbers, although in some games this rule has been changed. In addition, you must have many betting options, which include splits (seventeen to one payout), straight up bets (thirty-five to one payout), dozen bets (two to one payout), black/red (one to one payout) and so on.

Betting Limits

The limits of bets are another popular topic in regards to roulette’s rules. Betting limits vary in an overall sense and for certain bets, depending on the place you play. For instance, if you play at the high roller lounge at Bellagio, it is possible to bet ten thousand dollars on a single number. This is quite different from playing online, where the maximum bet would be twenty-five dollars for most straight-up bets on a regular table, however, there are alternatives offered by some providers. Even without the alternatives, when you play European roulette online, there is a range for putting higher bets on a single number, for instance, the total of corner bets can be a hundred dollars and for line bets it is hundred and fifty dollars. It is essential to keep in mind that based on where you are playing there is quite often a contrast in betting limits – depending on the certain venue and whether it is a land-based or online casino.

Alteration of the Basics of Roulette

double ball roulette boardAs long as all the fundamentals are present, developers can play with the regular formula so they can provide more unique and refreshed gaming experience. Whether it is an additional line of numbers to the roulette wheel or the inclusion of smart zoom cameras – which is actually Double Action Roulette designed by TCS John Huxley and initially trialed in 2011, there are currently more fun ways to spin the wheel than ever before.

And of course, a wonderful innovation recently is Double Ball roulette. Built according to the general rules mentioned above, but with a second ball added to the mix, the game gives the players a chance to win two times in one spin.

It was first presented as a live gaming product at the Global Gaming Expo in 2013 and was then included in the fifty thousand square feet gaming space of Tropicana in 2014, double ball roulette comes with unique set of rules, including:

  • In this game’s option, you can play with two balls on the wheel all of the time.
  • In order to win an outside bet (black/red), both balls have to land on your selected betting option.
  • When it comes to inside bets, such as straight numbers, the winning bet is determined by a single ball landing on your selected betting option. Which means that you can win an inside bet two times – if both balls land on two of your selected betting options.
  • In order to win the “Double Ball Jackpot”, you must have two balls settled in the same number.
  • The balls in this version of the game are not released by the croupier, but by the players or shooters.

Double Single or Double Double?

double ball rouletteThe original option was with the double zero set up. On the other hand, nowadays online you can see single zero options of the game. What is the actual difference? As with single ball options of every game, the latter’s house edge is lower (closer to the french). According to the standard rules of the game, in the single zero roulette game, the house edge is 2.70%. The house edge with the double zero game is 5.26%. When you analyze the numbers for double ball roulette, you get this information:

Evaluating each game’s house edge, the chance of hitting two straight up numbers is 0.000693 where the return per bet is 0.023546. This means a house edge of 5.33% which is a 0.7% difference from a single ball game. The situation is similar to single zero double ball game where the house edge stays at 2.77%.

Entertainment with Double Ball Roulette

From a broad EV point of view, the odds difference here is minimal, which suggests that it is a better option to choose the high-value return bets when you are playing the roulette game of Double Ball. And certainly, the added bonus in this option is the double ball jackpot. Despite that the chance of two balls settling on one number is 0.000693, your payout is 1300:1 online, meaning that a ten dollar stake would bring you thirteen thousand dollars in profit.

double ball roulette liveThe development of roulette over time has been stunning. From the primitive bingo style game invented by Blaise Pascal to Double Ball roulette, pundits now have more options to enjoy the game than ever before.

Undoubtedly, not all game options will be suitable for all of the seventy-eight million Americans who play roulette on the internet (not to mention the many more millions worldwide). On the other hand, the ability of the game to appeal to pretty much everyone in the field is its sheer beauty. Double Ball roulette may come with reduced odds compared to the regular option of the game, but the more action and the chance of a big jackpot payout make it a possibly curious option for the passionate gamblers.

Live Double Ball Roulette by Evolution Gaming

This is another great inclusion by Evolution Gaming and without availability from any other live casino provider. The roulette game of Double Ball is innovative new roulette option. Two balls bring two winning numbers from just one spin. By pushing a special button, our live dealer sends both balls shooting from a unique patented device. This game comes with new wonderful betting opportunities and more possibility of payouts of up to 1300:1. Already firmly established in the brick and mortar casinos, this game is a superb attraction that considerably increases play and hold. Developed in partnership with Games Marketing, this exquisite game is offered only to Evolution licensees.

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