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Since the eighteen century, the game of American roulette has given an excitation to players around the world and has grasped their hearts and imagination. With an easy spin and click, the sights and sounds of roulette that cause a potential life altering win have become already legendary. Because the game made its quest from France to Europe and back, there are a few distinguishing forms that divide the European and American versions.

The most visible difference is the American wheel. Because of the pocket for zero and also a double zero, the American option comes with a bigger house advantage – 5.26%. An additional notable difference is that the American version of the roulette wheel numbers are situated in pairs against each other while the spacing of the European roulette wheel numbers is random along the wheel. There are also some rules in the European version, for instance “en prison” and “La partage” that are not usually played in the American version.

Because of this, the American roulette version is very easy to understand. The wheel is with pockets for red and black numbers from zero to thirty-six and the 00 should be noted. The layout of the betting table is quite plain and simple to place your either outside or inside bet.

american roulette game The outside bets are quite simple to do and as an outcome, the payout is less. These bets are the odd or even bets, red or black, columns, dozens, the one to eighteen or nineteen to thirty-six spaces on the layout. The inside bets are a little more complicated and with more variety, but still not too intricate. You can select a simple number or numbers combination. Place your wager on the single number or place it on a line of your choice between numbers.

The American version of roulette is popular in several countries worldwide but you have to have a clear understanding in regards to which version of roulette you are playing and the specific rules with it that allow and forbid certain things. Because this makes a great difference when it comes to the house advantage and the payouts.

The Rules of American Roulette

The American version of the roulette wheel comes with thirty-eight numbered slots: numbers one to thirty-six, 0 and 00. The betting layout is made of each individual number as well as ‘outside’ bets host on combinations of numbers. As soon as the players have placed their bets, the wheel and ball are spun by the dealer and after few seconds, the ball lands in a certain numbered slot.

Take a look at the following table showing the available bets, the win on a ‘to one’ basis and the chance of winning according to the US rules. All casinos in the USA comply with these rules, except the Atlantic city ones. All bets house edge is one to nineteen, or 5.26%, the 0 – 00 – 1 – 2 – 3 combination excluded, which has a house edge of 7.89%.

How the American Roulette is Played

american rouletteThe main idea about any roulette version of the french machine is to make the right guess about the landing place number of the plastic ball. The first step is to place your bets on some chosen number of possible bet kinds the second step is to click on spin and then hope that your call is right.

Despite that the betting table could appear a little frightening for novice players at first, the roulette betting system is pretty plain and straightforward. You place your bet on whether the number comes up even or odd, whether it is black or red, or what the exact range or number it would be. The pay table for any of the bet kinds could be observed when you scroll your mouse over the card where the minimum and maximum bets are listed. You can make these kinds of bets:

  • Single number bet – select the exact number you think the ball will settle on.
  • Quadrants/pairs bet – choose which of two or four numbers will be selected.
  • Even/odd bet – decide whether the number you choose will be even or odd.
  • Black or red bet – guess whether the next number that comes up will be red or black.
  • Ranges bet – try to make a guess in which range of numbers will be the ball’s landing place.

Internet Roulette Guide

Get to know how to play internet roulette with the help of special tools and our useful articles. Read more information about the rules of American roulette, kinds of bets, roulette wheel and table, tips and strategies from professional players to bring you closer to winning when playing the American version of roulette.

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The Payouts of American Roulette

  • american roulette wheelSplit – seventeen to one
  • Straight up – thirty-five to one
  • Corner – eight to one
  • Street – eleven to one
  • Six line bet – five to one
  • Top line – six to one
  • Black/red, odd/even, low/high – one to one
  • Column/dozen – two to one

Have Fun with the American Style Roulette

Enjoy the game. The double zero American roulette rules are these:

  • The house edge of the American version of roulette is 5.26%
  • Bets could be placed on the numbers ranging from zero, double zero and from one to thirty-six
  • Top line bet on five numbers is available
  • The payouts for outside bets are two to one and one to one
  • The payouts for inside bets are from five to thirty-five to even money

Get to know about the bets of roulette and the roulette table in order to get more confidence in playing the game. If you have the urge to play real money roulette games, don’t hesitate to do it!

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